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If you are living in an area where water is very low and you are interested in maintaining a lawn with fresh green layers, then Artificial Turf Melbourne is an amazing idea. It can also be used in all types of lands and even in concreted areas. It grows like natural grass and has many advantages as well as disadvantages.  The owing cost of the synthetic grass is less and it is less in the long-run than the original grass. This type of grass lasts for more than 20 years in a maintenance-free life. The color of the lawn is maintained and stabilized for long years and they are UV established so they do not get dull with the shade of sunlight. Weeds can grow inside the artificial grass but basically when installed no weed can intrude into the artificial lawn.

Plastic rug:

It looks amazing because it is made of plastic that is recyclable rubber. You are laying out a beautiful outdoor carpet that is designed meticulously just like a natural one. They are sculpturally made of plastic but of different kinds, forms and order.

Adds urban heat effects and are hard sometimes:

As the artificial turf are not biological ones they do not give benefits to the natural ecological system, which in turn, adds up the urban heat to the atmosphere. As everyone thinks they are not as soft as the natural turf and there is a chance to hurt you while playing are doing some works.

Artificial turf Melbourne needs replacement :

The artificial turfs need to be eventually replaced within years. Some companies claim that validity for 20 years but some say it for 8 years. They last longer if they are maintained properly and neatly. Proper maintenance including cleaning, blushing the surface can increase the longevity of the turf. Before buying check the design, installation, and quality of the product to get better results and comfort.

Saves water :

Everywhere people install unnatural grass to avoid the use of water. All the plants can be grown with a low amount of water.  In the case of natural grass during the rainy season, the logging of water causes the decay of roots and grass but artificial turf Melbourne does not affect with excess water also.

Using a vacuum cleaner and washing :

Everything must be cleaned often. Likewise, artificial grass also can be cleaned simply with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Removing the dust and dirt would make it clean and tidy and it can be done with ease without any professional help. It can be washed often to keep the turf attracting and refreshing and it helps to remove the debris that is amassed here and there.

Seasonal maintenance:

As per the seasons, the turf has to be maintained accordingly. In summer seasons it has to be washed and sprinkled with water for its good maintenance and in winter seasons the snow has to be removed but rain does all the work so it’s not mandatory to clean in rainy seasons.

Spray water and make lawn garbage free:

Spraying water regularly removes all the dirt and it’s the fundamental thing that you must follow in the artificial turf Melbourne maintenance that makes them fresh at all times. Always make sure that you clean your garbage in the garden clean and dirt free. Try to clean the garbage often to avoid clogging and poor maintenance.

Bottom lines :

If you maintain the unnatural turf regularly it looks amazing, fresh, and maintained. To get maximum benefit shift from natural grass to artificial turf Melbourne. We the Auzzie turf offer you premium quality, UV stabilized, pet and child-friendly artificial grass with retail and wholesale qualities and we have a wide range of customers all around Melbourne. Our products match the quality and standard of Australia.