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The famous quote “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” attributed by Hippocrates emphasizes the importance of nutrition to prevent and mitigate the disease. Grandma’s medicine represents a box of home remedies as a first aid, as in the ancient time people used to believe in ‘You are what you eat!’

Grandma’s medicine is the blessing when there’s no doctor available nearby at a time or when there is a need to give immediate treatment. Though one should always bear in his mind that these treatments are not the substitute of doctors. Doctor consultation is also essential because no individual is having the same body reactions. One must be careful about his own allergic reactions. Unlike allopathic treatment, there is nothing like dose adjustment in the treatment done using Grandma’s medicines, one must not take it in a very high amount. Though there are very rare side effects of Grandma’s medicine, but we cannot fully rely only on that and take the illness to the next stage and let the disease condition get worsen.

It’s an Endless treasure though!
In the age of nuclear families, even if there is no elderly person available to advice regarding the home remedies, there are certain foods we need to include in our diet in order to stay away from the illness.

There are umpteenth number of vegetables, fruits and dry fruits which can be included regularly in our diet those can make us healthier and can prevent us from different kind of illness and diseases.

Uncooked, Half boiled vegetables are the best
It is said that the more colorful vegetables we eat, the more number of vitamins and nutrition we will have. As we all know, green vegetables are the best source of vitamins. But make sure they should not be heated on a high flame. The vegetables should be half cooked or little boiled so that the nutrition it contains cannot be degraded.

Fresh fruits and Dry fruits cannot be ignored though!
Eating fresh fruits helps to stay away from illness and can help us to boost our health. Fruits can be known as a cargo of antioxidants and nutrients. It is truly said that ‘An apple a day keeps doctor away.’ The one thing to keep in mind that the fruits we are eating are nicely washed and naturally ripen. Eating dry fruits can also boost our energy and increases the level of vitamin levels.

There is a plethora of vegetables, fruits and dry fruits that we can add to our routine diet for the balanced body nourishment. All in all, Prevention is better than cure!