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There is one old Chinese proverb often attributed to Confucius saying that “if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life” The old Chinese master was right. Just at all the folks that have managed to turn their interest and passions into a source of revenue. You will never see them angry, tired, or complaining. They are just doing their own thing and getting a kick out of it.

But, what if your biggest enjoyment actually lies in helping other people out?

Yeah, the humanitarian work doesn’t sound like the most sustainable career option, right? Well, things are not always as they seem as they look at first glance. So, let us take a look at some of the most lucrative options that should help you turn your compassion into a career.

Financial advisor

We what you’re thinking – financial advisors are not exactly the first association to real-life guardian angles. Still, financial stability has a tremendous impact on our lives and effectively determines the quality of health services. Keeping that in mind, one 2020 research shows that more than 7.3 million American families are living in poverty. The current numbers are surely even higher. So, there is a lot of room to help people manage their finances and help them get back on their feet. You can extend your good deeds by offering flexible paying grades and adjusting the prices to the current economy.

Social worker

Let’s get honest – social workers are far from the best-paid people in America. But this career does allow make more than a decent living so you can put your financial worries to rest. What’s far more important is that this is the job where you will get an opportunity to provide great help to the people who need it the most. Some of these groups include adults with learning difficulties, persons with mental health issues, children covered by child protection and support programs, and fostering agencies. It’s hard and very demanding work but the positive impact you make on people’s lives is priceless.

Caregiver for persons with disabilities

The number of people who are facing some sort of challenges and disabilities on a daily basis is counted in millions. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that your career options are pretty plentiful. One of them is to look for employment in some of the premium NDIS respite care centers. Alternatively, you can work your own gig by freelancing or starting your own small caregiving company. The good thing about this career option is that providing professional respite cares services don’t require a formal college education. But, you will need to undergo pre-service training and apply for the official respite care state license.

Emergency services

This is a great option for all the people who take the idea of saving lives very literally. You also get a wide array of different career paths that include some very popular mentions of police work, rescue services, firefighting, and working as an emergency driver. All these positions are also well paid and even better regarded so you don’t have to worry about your family’s financial security. But, as you can see, we are also talking about some very stressful and sometimes dangerous professions that require good physical condition, excellent nerves, and a clear head. Feel free to enroll if you think you are up to the challenge.

Marriage and/or family therapist

Unlike some of the previous mentions, becoming a marriage counselor or family therapist will require that you have a Bachelor’s Degree and earn Masters’ in the field of Family Therapy or some related Mental Health field. But, the help you will be able to provide makes this effort more than worthwhile. According to a recent study, nearly 50% of all marriages in the USA eventually end up with separation or divorce leaving everyone involved with tons of stress, anxiety, and emotional burden. Wouldn’t it be great if you could prevent or mitigate some of these problems and help people come out unscarred?

Public service

For the very end we have mentioned yet another option that may not seem too obvious (or exciting) but still gives you the chance the influence people’s lives on a scale much wider than any of the previous mentions. While these professionals do their best to solve specific issues, the job of career public servants can be best described as making these things possible. That’s right, finding your way into the local or nationwide government institutions will help you start initiatives, propose legislation, and make room for the actions that could improve the lives of thousands, and, why not, millions of people around you.

We hope these couple of mentions gave you some general idea about the direction you can take with your future career. Of course, we are talking only about the tip of one very substantial iceberg but they should demonstrate that helping other people can, indeed, be a full-time job and that your noble intentions are well-aimed. So, we encourage you to explore your options even further but always stay on the right path. We are living in very difficult times and every ounce of help you can offer to others is more than welcome.