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This is true that everyone loves discounts but not everyone treats it like a sport. I treat saving while shopping online like a game where I have to come out on top every time. There is a lot to learn though as retailers have gotten smarter over the years.

The whole idea behind shopping online is convenience and saving. So if you are not saving money placing orders online you are not doing it right. You should know that getting the best discount also depends on what you are buying and from where you are buying. You need to be smart about your choices and shop at stores that offer decent discounts.

Generally, I can save at least 10% off anything I buy online and there have been days I was lucky enough to get electronics at half the prices. I have compiled 10 points to help you save more online.

Use Coupon Codes As Much As You Can

This goes without saying that a coupon is downright the best and easiest way to save money when shopping online. The best part is that coupons can be used for virtually any product or service. Buying a new cooktop? Use a coupon code. Booking an appointment with the veterinarian? Use a discount code. Getting new tires? Use a promo code. All you need to know is the trick to get the right code for the right thing from the right store. Once you do that, you’ll get multiple results on coupons offered of different values from various sites.

If still, your argument against finding coupons is that it is difficult then that is not a good excuse. You are just being lazy. With couponing websites, it has never been this easy to find a valid coupon. All you have to do is copy the code and bam… 50% off.

Avoid Dynamic Pricing

Have you ever been in a situation where something that cost $50 on Monday all of a sudden jumped to $58 the next day? Well, I have and it took me a while to understand what was happening. This is termed dynamic pricing and this is how companies get customers to pay more. This is usually the case when you are booking a flight.

The websites use cookies and your account information to track your location. The next time you search, the price has already hiked. Nevertheless, there are ways to avoid this pricing scheme. The simplest way is to use the incognito or private mode of your browser. You can also delete all the cookies before you search. Make sure to be logged out of all email and social media accounts. You do not want to hand them the information they need.

Use Multiple Coupon Codes

If a store lets you use multiple coupon codes, by all means, shop there. Although this is quite rare, there are times you can benefit from multiple discount offers. If there is a sale at the store, you might just be able to apply a coupon code for the already marked-down item. This will further bring down the total. If you find such a possibility, make sure to buy in bulk to make a big saving on your purchases.

Leave the Items In Your Cart

This can work too at times. If you are shopping for something expensive and do not need it urgently, leave the item in the cart and leave. The retailer might just email you a discount code to finalize the sale.

Join Rewards Program of Stores Where You Shop Regularly

Some departmental stores have a reward points system in place. If you shop there frequently, you make a decent saving with every purchase. I find joining the rewards program of where you do your groceries to be particularly beneficial. A lot of people do not realize but groceries are perhaps one of the biggest monthly expenses. Why not use it to save money then?

Shop Electronics on Black Friday

Learn to plan more when you want to make a big electronics purchase. Unless you need something urgently, it is best to leave electronics for that one magical time of the year: Black Friday. This is the time when you can get the best discounts on electronics. Do your research diligently in advance and find which store is offering the biggest discount. I have saved hundreds of dollars over the past few years this way. 

Sign Up For That Newsletter

It takes just a few seconds to enter your email address and bag a discount. Almost every retailer these days offers an introductory discount for new customers. Yes, those emails can be annoying but you can always unsubscribe later if you do not want them. Many times these emails may contain more discount offers so it is not so bad after all.

Create Price Alerts

Don’t you just hate it when you find something nice online only to find out that your wallet just cannot afford it? We have all been there but you still have a chance. Price alert websites are very helpful in this case. You can create a price alert for a particular product or flight and if there is a new offer with a low price, you will be alerted immediately. How cool is that right?

For flights, I usually create a price alert on Kayak or Sky scanner. For products, is the best.

Avail Price Adjustment When You Can

Many discount stores offer price adjustments. You can easily get some money back if the same product is costing less on another (price adjustment). Check if the store you are browsing has this policy and then compare the prices with other stores. You can even do this after you have placed the order.

Follow Your Favorite Brands on Social Media

Between work and running errands, there is hardly any time to visit multiple websites to shop. To be up to date with the latest fashion and offer, the best tool is social media. Simply follow your favorite brands on Facebook and Instagram. You might just get a crazy deal while browsing through your friend’s wedding pictures.

Ready, Set, Shop!

These tips will go a long way in helping you save money. With inflation getting worse every year, it is becoming incredibly hard to save any money. However, if you act smart and spend a little more time you can get everything you need within your budget.

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