by Angela Smith

Porcelain Veneers is one of the most famous treatments in the cosmetic industry. The number of people who are taking advantage of this treatment is increasing day by day. Porcelain technology has evolved over these years and is now having highly advanced qualities. It delivers aesthetic values as well for a long number of years without any negative issues.  Dentists of Richmond are highly acclaimed for all dental services. You can get the service from the Richmond dentist and get rid of your inferiority complex. In this article, we will see the advantages of Porcelain Veneers.

1. Minimal Invasive Treatment 

One of the biggest advantages of Porcelain Veneers is that it does have any harmful effects on the patient. Veneer treatment is minimally invasive. It will neither affect the strength of the teeth or the gums. Usually, during the process, the dentist will first prepare the front surface of the affected teeth in a small surgical manner. Then the porcelain shells will be bonded to the surface. For the bonding procedure, an exclusive bonding agent is being used. Adjacent teeth are no way affected during this process.

2. Super solution for Stained and discoloured teeth 

Many people want to get rid of the stained and discoloured teeth. Temporary discoloured teeth can be improved with whitening solutions. On the other hand, if it is permanently discoloured because of smoking and other medical conditions, Porcelain Veneers is the only choice recommended by the Richmond Dentists. It will provide a natural look and beautiful white teeth.

3. Long term Benefit

Porcelain is highly demanded as it gives long term results. Other solutions will require the patients to take treatment every year. They do not give long term results. Besides, the habit of drinking tea, coffee and alcohol can take away the colour given by teeth whitening. These kinds of issues are not associated with the Porcelain Veneer. It can keep you tension free for the next 10 to 20 years to come.

4. Easy application 

Generally, a patient needing Porcelain Veneers will need to visit the dentist twice. In the first visit, the number of teeth that needs the treatment will be identified. The next step is to measure the teeth. This is very much required to prepare the customized veneers. It is usual for the dentist to send the patient data to the lab for the preparation of the veneer. Normally, it takes 2 weeks to prepare the veneer with precision. After it gets ready, the patient will be called for his second visit. Now, the process will contain the preparation of the area for the application and finally the bonding process. However, it is very important to choose professionals like Richmond dentists to make this process hassle-free.  

5. No special maintenance required 

Porcelain veneers are made with strong porcelain material. The bonding is done with the superior quality bonding agent which helps it to stay for many years without any hurdle. 

6. Self-confidence and Personality 

Proper placement of Porcelain Veneers will give the patients cosmetic benefits as well as boost self-confidence and personality. This will reduce the inferiority complex of patients. They can laugh, smile and enjoy freedom in public.

Many patients who visited Richmond dentists have given their feedback to their professional and personal lives and experience. It is a great treatment for the permanently stained, dark or discoloured teeth. Call us today to schedule your appointment!