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As you have gone through pregnancy, labor and delivery for the first time, you feel nervous and little confused about how to take care for a new born baby.

Here are some tips that can help you to feel confident about caring your new born in no time.

How to handle a new born?

  • Always wash your hands before handling a baby. New born babies are not having strong immunity system, so, they are at high risk of infection. Always ensure that whoever is going to handle your baby, has washed hands properly.
  • Always make sure that you are supporting your baby’s head while you are carrying your baby.
  • You should never shake your baby even while playing because that can make bleeding in his brain. If you want to wake baby up, you should tickle baby’s feet or gentle blow on a cheek.
  • Always ensure that your baby is in secure position in a car, bike or stroller.

How to give a bath to a new born?

You should give your baby a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off and healed the navel part of a baby.

  • Always use clean washcloth and mild, unscented soap.
  • Pay special attention to clean baby’s ears, nose, eyes and genital area. Do not rub harshly.

How to feed your new born?

  • It is advisable to feed your baby on demand, whenever they seem hungry. Your baby may give you a cue by putting his finger to his mouth, crying or making sucking noises.
  • If your baby is gaining regular weight, produces enough urine and stool, sleeps well and seems satisfied, then he is getting enough feed.
  • Babies will swallow air while feeding milk, which can make them fussy. To avoid this, it is advisable to make your baby burb by lifting baby on a shoulder and gently rubbing his back after feeding.

How to maintain sleeping cycle of a new born?

You should be aware that your baby sleeps average 16 hours a day. To our surprise, baby’s digestive system is so small that you need to wake up at night to feed your baby.

  • Do not stuff your baby with heavy blankets, pillow or teddy bears as those things can suffocate your baby.
  • You should alter your baby’s head from night to night.
  • Keep the lights low at night. If baby wakes up at night, play gently and give attention to your baby.
  • When your baby wakes up during daytime, keep talking and playing with baby little longer to make him awake for more time.

Even though you feel confused and anxious initially, after few days, you will get into a routine parenting like a pro! Feel comfortable and make your new born feel healthy and comfortable, too, by making a strong bonding.