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In today’s life, being mentally healthy is as equal as being physically healthy. Your mental health influences your daily life thinking, feeling towards people and life situations. It also affects your ability to handle different situations, face challenges in life, building relationships and life hardships.

Moreover, mental health does not only mean the absence of mental disorders, but a good mental health involves some positive characteristics of a person.

Characteristics of a person having good mental health:

  • Mentally healthy person is having a sense of contentment.
  • Mentally healthy person wants to feel happy and having a zest of life
  • Mentally healthy person has a clear purpose in life and relationships
  • Mentally healthy person can accept the changes easily
  • Mentally healthy person has self-esteem and self confidence

And it’s possible to boost your mental health

In everyone’s lifespan, there comes a time when he feels depressed or mentally weak. Some people will neglect this situation and take a wrong path to deal with this. They often goes to alcohol, drugs or self-destructive behavior. They cover up their problems in a hope that other people won’t notice and they nurture a false belief that the situation will improve on its own. Besides, at a worst situation, people will just simply give up and thinking that “This is just the way they are!” But in actual state, it’s not like that. Mental health can be boost up gradually. There are some practices following which you can elevate your mood and mental condition.

Here are some practices that helps you to build a good mental health:

  • Make your social connections stronger and stay socially active as much as possible. We are not meant to survive alone or isolated. We should keep ourselves imbibed in a group of people we like to be around. You should often call a friend or loved one when you feel lonely or share your feelings. You should not feel afraid to talk to or smile to strangers.
  • Staying active is a very good for your body and mind as well. Being physically active can release the endorphine hormones in our body which is a powerful chemical to elevate our mood and provides energy. Regular exercise can increase memory and relieve stress.
  • Have a Wholesome diet, which can support a mental strength. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, trans fats, Rich sugar diets, deep fried food as it can adversely effect your mental health. You should have avocados, Beans, flaxseeds, fresh fruits, green vegetables and dry fruits which makes you feel healthy and boost your mood, too.

At the end, the key advice for a good mental health is to feel good about yourself, help others, be kind to other people, make others feel happy and find the purpose and meaning of life!