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IV Vitamin Therapy

In recent years, the popular trend of receiving vitamins intravenously has gained ground, mostly among celebrities. Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a method used to administer minerals and vitamins directly into the bloodstream by bypassing the digestive tract. It is recommended for a wide range of conditions including asthma, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes and many other clinical conditions. IV vitamin therapy is customized depending on a patient’s needs and it differs from one patient to another. However, there are popular formulas for intravenous therapy such as Immunity Booster IV and Myer’s Cocktail which consists of vitamin C, B vitamins and magnesium in high doses. IV vitamin therapy is considered generally safe.

What are the benefits

The benefits of IV vitamin therapy are numerous and here are some of the top benefits.

Improved Wellness

Wellness includes your mental health, physical health and a diverse range of factors that encompass your overall wellbeing. To work at its best the body requires certain levels of minerals and vitamins. IV vitamin therapy provides the body with the tools it needs to stay in top condition. When your body has an ideal balance of vitamins and nutrients it will function normally and hence you’ll feel better while getting sick less frequently.

The demands of daily life make it difficult for the body to obtain the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Though the exact levels differ from one person to another, it is important to have these nutrients at optimum levels. Thanks to IV treatment that these nutrients are delivered to the body and are immediately absorbed to support your wellbeing. IV vitamin therapy improves your overall wellness by boosting your energy levels, improving anxiety, combating fatigue and much more.

Accentuated Beauty

As the old saying goes beauty begins on the inside. IV vitamin therapy designed to improve your beauty contains a special blend of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. These improve the health and strength of your skin, as well as hair and nails. Apart from detoxifying your body vitamin therapy rejuvenates your appearance. Unlike topical treatments and oral supplements, IV therapy directly delivers antioxidants into the body and removes free radicals from cells. This reduces tissue damage and aging resulting in a younger look and enhanced beauty. Accentuated beauty benefits:

  • B vitamins are important for nail and hair health
  • Glutathione is an efficient antioxidant that helps to fight aging and repairs UV damage
  • Vitamin C is important for radiant, youthful and healthy skin since it helps in the production of collagen

Illness Prevention

Illness can be caused by many factors such as poor diet, fatigue, lack of sleep or even stress. A decrease in an individual’s immune health makes them more susceptible to various forms of sicknesses. IV vitamin therapy boosts your immunity by availing of the necessary nutrients your body needs to fight off diseases. Illness prevention benefits:

  • Zinc is very beneficial with immunity and fights off illness
  • B12 helps to promote cell repair, a healthy blood system and a functioning nervous system

Improved Athletic Performance

Professional or amateur athletes are always looking forward to breaking the next record and achieve that next goal. Any form of workout pushes the body to the limit and this takes its toll on the body by diminishing nutrients and vitamins. Workouts cause muscle fatigue and a buildup of free radicals. IV vitamin therapy eliminates free radicals, promotes faster healing and restores nutrients and vitamins. Athletic performance benefits:

  • Instant rehydration and nutrient delivery improves the performance by helping the athletes to have a much faster recovery
  • Amino acids improve metabolism and decrease muscle loss

Rapid Hangover Relief

Alcohol depletes nutrients from your body and dehydrates you. This results in tissues shrinking and it leads to headaches. Also, the liver generates toxins that result in body-wide discomfort. The symptoms of hangovers include fatigue, headache, vomiting, stomach pain and mood changes. Hangover relief benefits:

  • Hydration helps relieve side effects of hangovers such as headaches and fatigue
  • Toradol is used to combat pain
  • Hydration relieves pain through its saline solution and anti-inflammatory solution

Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight does not come easy and it needs healthy eating, regular exercise and enough sleep. When combined with other weight loss programs, IV vitamin therapy is most effective and yields results faster results.

Can Help With Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction is a disease that takes its toll on a person’s psychological, emotional and physical health. Addiction recovery benefits:

  • Detoxifies your body from free radicals
  • Decreases the symptoms of withdrawal
  • Restores cognitive function and metabolic function

How does IV vitamin therapy work?

Intravenous therapy works by directly administering hydration and nutrients into the bloodstream which are immediately absorbed and used by the body. While oral supplements offer 30-80% absorption, IV vitamin therapy offers almost 90-100% absorption. This brings about its extraordinary benefits and results to the body. The infusion used is dependent on your pre-treatment results and what you are aiming to achieve. During a treatment session, an IV catheter is inserted into one of your veins by a specialist. ‘Cocktail’ is the specified mixture of supplements or the infusion that is administered into the bloodstream.

The 2 main types of IV vitamin therapy are:

IV Drip. This type of IV vitamin therapy is slowly infused into the bloodstream through a catheter into the vein. It is performed for 45-60 minutes and 250-1000 ml of fluids are injected per session. The experience during this procedure is so relieving and clients can either read, relax or work.

IV Push. This type of intravenous therapy is slowly infused into the vein by a plastic catheter. It is performed for 15-20 minutes and fluids of between 30-60 ml are pressed into a vein. This treatment needs so much care and it is supervised by a specialist all the time.

Can it help cure hangovers, fatigue and low energy?

Before being administered the IV therapy, patients are examined by medical professionals to check whether they have underlying medical conditions. IV vitamin therapy can cure hangovers, fatigue and low energy. The above clinical conditions are caused by a lack of nutrients, hydration and vitamins in the system. IV therapy overcomes these conditions by directly infusing nutrients and vitamins into the bloodstream. This replenishes and refreshes the immune system almost immediately and the general levels of health are restored. It works fast and the effects are noticeable after 12-24 hours, though the majority of the people feel better immediately after treatment.

How often should people take IV vitamin therapy?

This question varies from person to person and many things need to be considered when developing a treatment plan. The majority of the people benefit from IV therapy spaced about two weeks apart after they have stabilized their nutrients levels. The reason being is that nutrient levels is depleted two to three weeks after treatment. For other patients, they schedule their infusion therapy once per month and others seek treatments only when they experience symptoms.

Safety first! Before deciding on a clinic choose wisely and you can ask for credentials.

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