by salena

When a woman is pregnant, she gets stressed about which procedure is to be followed to deliver the baby. Everybody is afraid of pain. It is customarily said that a woman gets a new birth after a child is born out of her body. Because the delivery pain is the same as one is opposed to experience after 20 ones are fractured at the same time. Two kinds of procedures are used to take the baby out of the uterus and those are:

  • Normal Delivery
  • Caesarean

In today’s article, we will get to know about both procedures in depth.

  • Normal Delivery

Normal delivery is used interchangeably with vaginal birth. These both are the same which aims at bringing the baby out from the reproductive system of the woman to the world via the vagina when a woman is in her senses & she exerts pressure on taking the baby out. It ordinarily takes about 1 hour or even more than that. But taking up this stratagem for childbirth will significantly reduce the complications and issues which are definite to encounter after childbirth. Besides, if a woman has delivered the baby naturally, then can give birth to another baby naturally again. But this benefit is not enjoyed by all those who have undergone Cesarean.

Sometimes the women can give birth to a baby without any external interventions, other times, it becomes necessary to take help of the external interventions like:

  • When labour pain is not getting experienced and childbirth is nearing, then Pitocin is used to induce labour pain.
  • Sometimes, the passing of a baby’s head can tear the skin. When doctors detect this, they use episiotomy which is a surgical incision that facilitates the baby’s head to pass easily from the vagina.
  • Caesarean

Owing to a variety of reasons, when a woman’s body is not capable of giving birth to a baby naturally. Then the aid of caesarean is taken in such cases. As the complexity of baby birth rises, then the doctor deems it right to make an incision in the uterus following the abdominal incision and intends to remove the baby. As soon as the baby is out of the body of the woman, the doctor immediately cut off the umbilical cord attached to the nipple of the baby and placenta which is a lining that emerges when a woman has conceived. This procedure of delivery takes around 45 minutes and the woman is given sedative owing to the surgical nature of the procedure.

In many cases, the woman is not able to give birth to the other child naturally if for the first time the childbirth is carried out through the caesarean. But women with healthy bodies and better immune systems can give vaginal birth to the baby even after she has undergone surgical delivery previously.


As childbirth is not a cup of tea, one needs to take assistance from a professional, experienced and skilled doctor as far as the delivery is concerned.