by Melbourne Cooling

Air conditioners are essential for your home due to the hot Australian weather. It has become a necessity for every house to have an air-con and get it installed through split system installation in Melbourne experts. However, they need regular maintenance and repair work to be conducted to maintain its efficiency. 

It’s essential to clean your air conditioner to keep up its air quality in your home. Filters within air conditioners are designed to catch dirt and different pollutants like bacteria and pollen. However, if not cleaned frequently, they’ll congest and collect moisture and even mould. Under such circumstances, there are high chances to contract airborne diseases. 

Regular cleanup of your cooling system means higher efficiency and lower running prices. The more clogged the mud filters and the interiors of the machine, the harder it has to work. By doing this, the energy consumption increases and further the costs. 

The following is a bit of general advice for air-con cleaning in Australia. 

  • Turn off the power.

Before you start cleaning the units, make sure the power has been turned off. Make sure the compressor has been turned off. It is always best to handle electronics without electricity to curtail injuries. 

  • Read Manufacturer’s Instructions

At the time of purchase, you must be provided with an instruction manual that describes how to handle your air-con unit. If you haven’t received or misplaced it, try downloading a copy of it from the manufacturer’s website.

The manual provides an insight into how to access and clean air filters and other parts of the unit. You might often get tempted to clean air-con’s condenser coils yourself, but must be preferably left to professionals. In case you DIY clean your condenser coils, you may void your warranty. To make it worse, negligence in handling it can release dangerous refrigerants. 

In order to avoid all this havoc, it is advisable to hire Split system repairs Melbourne experts for best results.

  • Remove the casing

Take off the outer casing of the indoor unit. It will help you clean the interiors of the device, thoroughly. 

  • Clean the filters

Once you have removed the casing, you will be able to handle the filters. 

Cleaning filter panels are smooth. All you need to do is pop open a plastic cover and remove your filter panels in it. Now you can brush or shake the filters to clear the clogged dirt. For cleaning it more thoroughly, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

If the dirt on your filters persists, we recommend you to wash them in warm waters with mild detergent and rinse them clean. However, it would be best if you made sure that before putting it back in the unit, they have dried up.

In case if you are unable to handle the filters, you can take help from split system service Melbourne experts. 

  • Clean your air-con’s Louvres

Your air conditioner’s louvres are the angular oscillatory slats on the outside of your indoor air-con unit that direct airflow. If you haven’t used your split system for a month or two, you will find dirt assembling on their surface. If that is the case, we suggest you clean your louvres along with the space close to it. Make sure you use a piece of dry fabric or vacuum cleaner. You can also use an anti-bacterial spray over the louvres.