by lara buck

Buying a split air conditioning system has many advantages, with the utilization of space and cost-effectiveness being the foremost benefits. The sleek design and decorative designs along with lesser retail prices also play a vital role in the popularity of the air conditioner. That said, unless you opt for proper split system air conditioner service maintenance, you will find that you end up burning a hole in your account and savings.

Things to remember when opting for split system air conditioner service

You can choose to perform some basic maintenance on your own but the majority of split system air conditioner service should be left to the professionals. They have the expertise and experience that helps them detect problems even from a sound. While they are perfect for the hardcore work, they are called in monthly or on a bimonthly basis. In between, you can perform your own checks and cleaning so that the air conditioner runs smoothly. The things that you can check and maintain include:

  • Cleaning the body – the reason you have opted for the split ac is that it has a sleek body and looks elegant. The downer will be dirt and uneven coloring caused by negligence. Cleaning the ac body forms an integral part of split system air conditioner service and maintenance. If the body gets damaged, the internal mechanism gets affected too. Make sure to unplug the system and clean the body carefully with wipes. Avoid using harsh detergents or scrubbers.
  • Cleaning the fins – when the system is rung, most of the dust gets accumulated on the fins. These aluminum fins are present on the condenser coils and they capture most of the impurities. These fins need to be cleaned so that the airflow is not hindered.
  • Check the filters – the air quality of the house depends on the cleanliness of the air filters as they trap the minute dust particles and prevents odor from spreading through the house. The filters, if left dirty, also reduce the cooling capacity of the split air conditioner which results in increased electricity consumption with no proper cooling. Clean the filters every week and see if a replacement is required or not.
  • Checking the coils – the whole cooling of the air takes place due to the coolant coursing through the condenser coils. If there is a leakage in the coil or blockage has formed, you need to make sure you call in your split system air conditioner service provider. Leaking pipes often lead to health and environmental hazards. You can keep the coils free from dirt that enters the outside unit with the air.
  • Rear drain checks – the rear end of the AC  has a drain that allows water to exit the unit. If the drain is clogged, the water will start collecting inside the unit that will cause the humidity levels on the house to rise. Keep checking the drain and remove any blockages for effective cooling.


When you combine self-cleaning with professional split system air conditioner service maintenance you can rest assured that the unit will last for a long time, even 12 years. The routine price you pay and the time you spend is a justifiable investment given the longevity and better air quality you will be getting. While choosing the split system air conditioner service company, make sure to check their credentials, insurance and licenses, and experience before hiring them. It is always important to stay prepared and maintain AC perfectly rather than spending huge amounts on their repairs.