by Zoe Sewell

One of the best ways to deal with heat waves in summer is to install an air conditioner in your room so that you can stay comfortable. But, you need to pay a considerable power consumption cost every month. So, either you have to choose the comfort or save your cost by living in discomfort. Now, you have another solution to deal with summer. You can use an evaporative cooling system to save your power consumption cost. You can keep your rooms cool with an evaporative cooling system, that not only gives you sufficient cooling but also keep your home pollution-free.

5 Benefits of the Evaporative Cooling System:

Evaporation of water is used to cool your rooms, and hot air is pumped through the water-soaked cooling pads to keep your rooms cool. The evaporative cooling fan can circulate the air inside the room. You can maintain a moderate temperature in your home.

1. The cooling cost of refrigerant coolers is higher, and you need to pay $2.45 – $3.45 per hour to run a reverse cycle cooling system. You can save this cost by installing an evaporative cooler, and it can save up to 90% of your power consumption cost. So, if you want to save more then, you must go for evaporative coolers.

2. Refrigerant cooling systems can pollute your rooms’ air, and you need to change their filters recurrent times in a year to keep your home pollution-free. You can suffer from breathing problems, and dry air coming out from your air conditioner can cause an allergic reaction. In this case, you can use an evaporative cooler. It can give you fresh and cool air, and it does not have any harmful gas to transfer the heat from your rooms. The cooling pads of your evaporative cooler can filter the air, and it can remove the impurities and pollens from the air. So, you can keep your family safe in your home with an evaporative cooler.

3. Harmful chemicals and gases are used in refrigerant cooling, and they can pollute the environment. You need to use an evaporative cooling system to save the environment. It is a water-based cooling system, and you do not need to use any chemical or gas for the same. Evaporative coolers are entirely eco-friendly. Apart from that, you might also suffer from throat infections and skin irritation due to harmful air circulated from your air conditioner, and you need to go for proper medication for such diseases. You can prevent such infections by installing an evaporative cooler.

4. You need to spend a huge amount every year to maintain your air conditioners. You need to change their filters and gas every year. You can save this cost by using an evaporative cooler. You can easily clean the chilling pads of your cooler every week, and you can change its water whenever needed. You do not need to spend any additional maintenance costs on them, and it will save your recurrent cost in the future.

5. Air conditioners and reverse cycle refrigerant coolers are expensive than evaporative coolers. Apart from that, you need to spend a significant amount on installing ducts, indoor units, and outdoor units. Even you need to pay extra for their accessories and fittings. You have to pay an installation cost for the same. In this case, you can simply use an evaporative cooler and you do not need to pay such charges for the same.


You can also choose a portable evaporative cooler for your home and use it in your different rooms as per your needs. So now you can search for such evaporative cooling systems online and choose the best one for your home.