by Daniel Clark

Plywood – considered as one of the best alternatives to solid wood. Undoubtedly, plywood has brought several drastic changes in the construction industry. They are most commonly used for walls, flooring, kitchen cabinets, and furniture. Plywood are a wooden board that consists of more than one layer that is pressed together using glue with grains of layers arranged at the right angle then each other. This beautifully designed wood furniture takes the responsibility to transform the appearance of a home or office and tends to provide an alluring outlook. Buying wood furniture means having umpteen numbers of options. There is a wide variety of wood furniture available for residential and commercial purposes, but none can top plywood. In Brisbane, plywood is considered one of the most commonly used wooden materials for furniture design.

There are four types of plywood:

1) Structural Plywood: 

Structural plywood is often used to build subfloor, beams, roof bracing, wall bracing, and shipping crates.

2) Exterior Plywood:

Such plywood are extremely popular in new houses. They are normally used in roof linings, wall constructions, outdoor flooring, and stables.

3) Interior Plywood:

Interior plywood can provide your house with an aesthetic and alluring look. They are used for indoor furniture, ceiling, and interior cladding.

4) Marine Plywood:

Marine plywood is standard plywood that is used mainly for making boats, ships, hulls of a boat, and docks.

Here are four reasons why plywood is a popular choice among the people in Brisbane:

1) Durability

Unlike solid wood, plywood has a uniform strength when thin wooden sheets are combined with the grains used in it. Additionally, solid woods have less capacity to withstand accidents and extreme weather conditions. Since plywood has evenly distributed strength, it can withstand falls, misuse, or sudden impact from heavy objects. This is because of good veneers and adhesives which make the plywood structure durable against all kinds of impact. Plywood can save you both time and money as it can endure for a longer period before it gets worn out. Hence, this makes plywood a very durable product and wood engineering stands out there.

One of the classic examples to witness the durability of plywood are historical ruins. Many plywoods used in museums have survived from ancient times. This goes on to explain that they are durable and are one of the best decorative wooden materials.

2) Strength

Compared to other counterparts like softwoods, plywoods are relatively stronger. This is due to the number of layers present in the plywood. The more plywood layers increases, the better durability, and strength they can provide. The alternative pattern of grains in plywood makes it stronger. As mentioned before, grains ensure that the strength is distributed evenly across the entire piece of plywood. The adhesive used in plywood ensures the material to be as strong as iron. Additionally, to provide much more strength and durability to the plywood, cross-layer method is often used in plywood production. Therefore, no wooden material can be compared in terms of durability of the plywood.

3) Lighter

Despite being larger in size, plywoods are relatively lighter and mobile to transport from one end to another. This makes plywood much more common furniture pieces in kitchen cabinets or cupboards.

4) Versatility

These wooden materials are not limited to house furniture uses. Plywood is also used in various other industrial applications such as flooring, concrete shuttering, or boat making.

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