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Slate roofing in Melbourne has had a long history, and is generally considered as one of the longest lasting materials for roofing. But on the other hand, it also has a high cost, is relatively fragile, and difficult to install. That’s why, it may not be the ideal solution for everybody. That’s why, before you start googling slate roofers near me, you should have a look at the pros and cons of this method.

Here is a complete look at all aspects of this timeless and classic roofing solution.

Pros of slate roofing in Melbourne

Slate roofing has some good upsides, and this is mostly because of the fact that it is unique, beautiful, and long lasting. Plus, it also uses natural stone products. Following is a list of the most important reasons why homeowners generally choose to install slate roofing in Melbourne:

1. Appearance

This is the first and most important reason from stop homeowners are generally drawn to slate roofing because of the beauty of the method. There is no other roofing material that looks classier or gives your home day more celebrated appearance. Moreover, slate roofing tiles also give you more choices than other kinds of materials. Because they are available in different thicknesses and sizes, as well as different colors, you can go for a truly outstanding look that matches your style.

2. Longevity

Slate roofs are built to last in such a way that they will continue functioning without maintenance for at least a century. In fact, the reasonable expectation for the longevity of his slate roof in Melbourne is 150 years. Of course, this is given only if the roof has been properly constructed. This is a big advantage in an industry where most roofing systems only last 20 to 30 years before they need to be replaced.

3. Fire resistance

Most of the slate roofs in Melbourne are fire resistant. Unlike any other kind of roofing material, slate tiles are completely fireproof on their own. This is a big advantage for preventing fires caused by airborne sparks from wildfires, adjacent house fires, or fireworks.

4. Environmentally friendly

Roofing waste results in more than 5% of the total waste across the world every single year. Most of this waste is sent to landfills. And the majority of this type of roofing waste is a result of asphalt shingle roofing which needs to be replaced every 20 to 30 years. Therefore, it is easy to see what positive environmental impacts there may be off installing slate roofing that lasts for 100 years or more.

The cons

The biggest disadvantage when it comes to installing slate tile roofs in Melbourne is the high cost of the material. Other than that, the disadvantages of slate roofing also include difficult to achieve installation requirements, the fact that slate tiles are generally very fragile, and the complications that may but I is if you need to replace any damaged slate tiles.

1. Difficult to install

Most of the roofing contractors, as well as general contractors, do not know a lot about slate roofing. Unfortunately, this does not stop them from trying to install slate roofing anyway.Therefore, when you are hiring a contractor for installing your slate roofing in Melbourne you must ask them about their experience and also double check their references. If a slate roof is well installed, it can last 100 years, but if it is not installed well, it can lead to a lot of problems down the lines.

2. Weight

The weight of slate roofing tiles can be anywhere between 800 to 1500 pounds per square. As a result, most people will need to have their house evaluated from a structural point of view before they can install slate roofing tiles, in order to check whether the house can take the weight or not.

3. Durability

Most of the homeowners may have a problem with the fragile state of the slate roofing tiles. You cannot walk on them unless you know exactly what you are doing fun stop if you get a guy for repairing the easy on the rooftop, it is very likely that he will break a few tiles. And replacing the tiles is generally very difficult because it’s difficult to find perfect matches. This is the biggest deterring factor for most homeowners when it comes to getting slate roofing for their houses in Melbourne.

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