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Prolonged accumulation of water on the roof can lead to dampening of the interiors and in worst cases, affect the stability of the whole structure. To avoid this, it is recommended that you opt for the right type of guttering system. Gutters ensure proper drainage of the water from the roof to the ground. Now, are you in a fix whether to choose to go ahead with gutter installation and the type you should install? Here is all you need to know.

Do Gutters Help in Enhancing the Look of Your Home?

You must have come across numerous newly built homes suffering from the problem of dampening. Though the house owners take the best care in terms of maintenance, still the problem persists. It is just because of the absence of gutters. Gutters prevent the accumulation of rainwater on the roof by letting it get drained directly to the ground.

Installing the right type of guttering system will not only protect your home from dampening but will also enhance the overall appearance. Various materials are used for manufacturing gutters. Some of the most common ones include the following:

  • Tin
  • Aluminium
  • Polyvinyl chloride and many more.

Based on your utility and budget, making the right type of selection will become easy.

What are the Specialties of Square Guttering?

As the name suggests, square guttering comprises has a square cross section which provides a modern touch to the architecture. If you aren’t just concerned with the functionality and prefer something that enhances the appeal, then it will be the right choice. The square gutters are available in two variants.

  • Lo-square – If you are looking for a guttering system that’s neat and compact, then better opt for a lo-square gutter. 110 mm is its maximum height.
  • Hi-square – This special type of square gutter helps cover the edges of roofs as well as tiles. Generally, 130mm is its maximum height.

Based on your preference and budget, you may go with the one that will suit the aesthetics of your house. Fortunately, both types of square gutters will enable easy drainage of a large volume of water. Square gutters are suitable for houses that are situated in wet and rainy areas. Otherwise, for other locations, house owners may have to install gutter guards for breaking up the debris.

Materials used for manufacturing square guttering systems include the following:

  • Colorbond
  • Galvanized steel
  • Zincalume

Their high longevity and durability makes square guttering a popular choice.

How Round Guttering Differs from Square Guttering?

The round guttering system refers to the guttering system with a semi-circular shape. The neat and clean look along with appreciable geometry make these gutters suitable for the following types of homes:

  • Spanish
  • Tuscan and other modern homes

Along with the pleasing appearance, the round gutters are known for delivering appreciable water carrying abilities. Another benefit of round gutters is the lesser accumulation of debris overtime, thus ensuring low maintenance cost. In addition, this particular type of gutter is good for flushing out debris in light rain.

The round gutters are not only highly durable, but are also known for offering a wide range of accessories that include:

  • Stop ends
  • External corners
  • Gutter brackets (internal and external)

Colorbond, galvanized steel and Zincalume are some common materials used for manufacturing these particular gutters.

As an Inference!

After going through detailed description of each type of gutter along with coming across the pros associated, making the right choice will become easy. Shaking hands with a reliable contractor experienced in dealing with guttering projects will ensure best output.

Post inspection of your house, it will become easy for the contractor to provide the best advice.