by Natalie

When settling into a new home, the sterile blank canvas of a property that doesn’t yet have your personal touches can be suffocating. But fear not! Thankfully, there is a multitude of creative and practical workarounds for this problem that won’t break the bank. From DIY walk-throughs to the help of professionals who prioritise your goals, these ideas will help you take back the reins and turn your house into a home.

Outdoor decor

One of the best ways to take your new place from drab to fab is by dressing up your backyard. Whether you host social soirees, have the family over on weekends or just spend time outdoors for your daily dose of vitamin D, you may be wanting to add some dynamic artwork to your exterior walls. State-of-the-art laser cutting services in Melbourne can realise your designs in a variety of materials and be coupled with laser-engraving that will take your artistic concept from unique to entirely one of a kind. Why not come up with a classy decor design and have it engraved with a favourite quote?

Funky welcome mats

First impressions are everything. Now, you can allow your visitors a taste of who you are right at your doorstep! The simplest way to do this is with a doormat – maybe you’re after something with a dash of comedy to it, something personalised, or perhaps a blend of the two. Zazzle makes a vast range of quirky welcome mats that not only ensure your guests’ shoes are free of dirt and grime, but also that you’ve had something unique to say before you’ve even opened the door. 

Upcycled furniture

A cost-effective solution to your interior design needs is trawling your local opportunity and thrift stores for pre-loved furniture. Perhaps you’re going for a DIY distressed-look, shabby chic approach and are searching for a centrepiece that just needs a bit of TLC. Or perhaps you’re after something vintage or Art Deco to bring the lounge room to completion. No matter your objective, hunting for secondhand gems is a fun way to bring character to your home without hurting the hip-pocket nerve.

Gallery walls

Eager to make a feature wall the focal point of a room? This is easily done and a fantastic way to make a surface unique to you or your family. Whether you want a pop of colour or just a sophisticated white foundation, start with a coat of paint and go from there. Gallery walls are on-trend and their popularity continues to mount in home-making spheres thanks to the versatile and flexible nature of the project. Think framed photos, concert tickets, movie tickets, patches, fabric and postcards for the ultimate personal addition to the wall. Then add your favourite art prints, posters or sports and music memorabilia. Then, simply frame and hang as you like. Choose a variety of different frames or opt for similar types for uniformity – the choice is yours. 

Indoor greenery

Bring lush foliage inside for an easy corner piece, or dedicate an entire area to your plant family. Pair with some fun pots and you’ve got some unique decor with health benefits. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or just looking for something easy to babysit, there is something leafy for everyone. The handicraft heroes at Etsy have a range of handmade groovy ceramic pots for your favourite houseplants.

And did you know? NASA ran a study in 1989 that revealed a list of plants that help offset carbon monoxide and other domestic toxins. Various philodendrons are crowd favourites that made the cut.

Throw and floor pillows

Wanting to decorate your bed, couches and other sitting areas but not sure where to start? The options can be overwhelming. However, Redbubble has an impressive range of fun designs available to be printed onto throw cushion and floor cushion covers – all designed by various artists. Simply type in what you’re looking for, ie. your favourite TV show, a quote or animal. Alternatively, browse the hundreds of designs available for cushion covers and take your pick. Dress your couch with a few cushions and a throw blanket et voila – you’re done!

It is so important to make a house a home. Somewhere you can feel safe and cosy – your distinctive habitat. Making sure the spaces in your new home reflect who you are and what you love is the best way to settle down, taking your four walls and roof to home status in no time. Get creative and start exploring your home decor options today!