by jack louis

Since bathrooms are one of the essential areas in the entire house, renovating it is wise. For designing the bathroom, you need to consider a few tweaks or changes that should be there in the new design. And that’s where you will face the real challenge!

With so many trending bathroom renovation ideas, choosing a particular one can be quite overwhelming. This is why here we have described some of the best designs you can introduce in your bathroom for making it more beautiful and elegant.

A Widened Shower Or Bathtub Area

If your bathroom has a wider shower or bathtub area, and the overall bathroom structure is rectangular with depth than width, you wouldn’t have much space. So, the best option for renovating the space is to shift the bathtub or the shower room to a horizontal position at the farthest edge from the bathroom’s entryway, across the cross-sectional view of the structure.

Improved Floor Design With Contrasting Tiles

One of the latest bathroom renovation ideas is to change the dull, plain white flooring to a new one with colorful tiles, mosaic floors, and others. You can create all-black granite flooring, a chessboard floor, hexagonal tiled floors with monochrome shades, and so on. This will add beauty to your bathroom and help to elevate the look easily. You can find easy DIY floorings that are durable and stylish with waterproof features.

Increased Vanity Storage With Double Mirrors 

If you have a long, continuous isle in the vanity area, it will make the bathroom look dull since this kind of arrangement has become obsolete. According to the current trending bathroom renovation ideas, you can divide the vanity into two halves. The storage will have a continuous structure with divided compartments, two separate mirrors, and two washbasins.

Abstract Bathroom Wall Backdrop

Let’s say you love the colour white and want to make the bathroom all-white. But, that will make the design quite monotonous and will demean the beauty of the renovated space. This is why you can add a contrasting backdrop on one of the bathroom walls that can be viewed fully once you enter the area. For this, you can use stencils to make some art on the wall, place some wall tiles with dark colours in a specific pattern, or install an abstract picture framed with glass on the wall.

Introduction Of New Halfway Wallpaper Design

One of the best bathroom renovation ideas is to create a combined wall view in the bathroom. For this, divide the walls into two halves and colour the bottom portion white. The upper portion will be covered with patterned wallpaper which can be of any colour combination based on the bathroom style you want to create. Just make sure that the wallpaper has dominating colours and not a white background.

Wall-Carved Shelves And Racks

If you want to follow the traditional bathroom renovation ideas, you can include this Spanish bathroom design in your plan. Here, instead of creating racks and shelves using wooden platforms inside the bathroom, you can create carved racks and shelves on the wall, especially on the pillar walls to add an accent view in the bathroom.

Colouring Cabinets With Solid Colours

The last bathroom renovation idea that we will discuss here is the coloration of the cabinet surfaces with solid colours like lavender, black, teal, orange, turquoise, and so on. This will help you to add an accent statement in the newly designed bathroom plan.


This article discussed the top bathroom renovation ideas that are still trending on the top list. Make sure to combine these ideas and introduce them into your current renovation plan to ensure that your bathroom can have the best and the unique look.

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