by alice

Home is the ultimate place everyone longs to come back to every day after a tiring day. A tidy and gorgeously decorated house makes you want to spend more time at home. While people usually think that bedrooms must look pretty, it is crucial to not miss the living room. You spend most of your time in the living room, your friends sit there and practically anyone who comes to your house sits in the living room. 

The quest to furnish a pretty living room by Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai begins from the time of architecture. It is crucial to decide the construction and design of the living room if you want it to be exceptional.

How to plan and design your living room?

The question seems like someone’s asking you the formula to a witch’s potion, but it is quite simple to plan and design your living room. It all depends on one thing – clarity. Just be very clear about how you want it to be, and it will be done in a moment!

Decide what you want

Isn’t it exactly what we mentioned before? It is! The first step to a unique yet gorgeous living room is knowing how you want it. Initially, it is not important to be sure where each tile would fit or what you would put on the wall. But you must know how you are going to shape it. If there’s something that needs to be built in the wall, or if you are opting for a false ceiling, all this needs to be thought through beforehand. Make a rough sketch of everything you want to do there and let the workers do their job. The next step is to think about the look.

Design a mood board

Mood boards have always been utterly helpful while creating any designs. Whether you are looking to create a fabric print, a stage design, or a mood board, mood boards can be your best friend. 

You don’t know what a mood board is? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything.

Mood boards have been used in the fashion industry to come up with new designs and ideas by combining and manipulating different existing situations. Now you can create virtual mood boards online by pasting together pictures on photoshop or similar applications. If you don’t feel like starting on your own, consult Interior Fit Out companies in Dubai for a kickoff. Play with the elements and see how your living room would look eventually.

Don’t forget the fans

While rooms are usually air-conditioned now, fans have not left the frame yet. You can still see fans in the house, but the difference is in how they look. The living room in one house might have an elegant ceiling fan, whereas the other one is an old-style one, everyone would love the elegant modern design. If you are also thinking of adding a ceiling fan to your drawing room, consider all the options you have and go for the one that matches the rest of your interior.

Think about the walls

Walls are the most prominent feature of your living room and must not be left unthought of. Paints your living room walls or paste beautiful wallpapers while making sure that everything blends in perfectly. Keep your living room minimal by adding essential elements that offer a complete look to your living area. Add lights and accents to get the living room of your dreams!

Care about the colors 

Colors matter a lot when you design a living room. Being the one room where all guests usually enjoy their time, it is usually the center of everyone’s eye. The living room depicts the owner’s choice and taste regarding interior design. We won’t suggest you play safe and go for a beige, white, or brown tone. Do what your heart says. It’s your home and the living room can be whatever color you want, regardless of the trends.


Exotic Interior Studio encourages its clients to choose what they love and we love to make it all work together. If you are looking for Interior Fit Out companies in Dubai to transform your dream of the perfect living room to reality, we are just a click away to take care of everything from the mood boards to theme selection and implementation of the ideas.

Happy designing!