by Modern Seal Roofing

The gutter is one component of the roofing system you cannot overlook. In fact, it’s a huge factor in how effectively your roof works and looks for years to come. High on the top of your roof, all kinds of things could potentially go wrong with your gutters. 

The gutters play the most crucial components of any perfectly functioning roof. It’s essential to protect your gutters from falling leaves, rain, and other debris. Otherwise, you’ll be calling on a roof restoration Melbourne expert to replace them, which can be expensive.

It’s a good thing that repairs can be made easy with the use of modern equipment. When you need to repair a gutter, professional assistance is recommended. 

Sadly, this important job often gets overlooked by trim and roofing contractors who would instead focus on other aspects of your roof.

What is the purpose of the guttering system?

The gutter system is a component of the exterior drainage system of a house. Gutters are where the rainwater is directed out from the roof to avoid it getting stagnated and causing prominent damage. These gutters collect the water on your roof, directing it to a downspout, which funnels the water away from the structure of your home, helping to protect it. When leaves, dirt or other debris collect in your gutter, it can clog it up entirely and cause problems like leaks. Keeping your home’s gutters clean is one of the best ways to maintain your house as well as prevent frequent problems.

So what makes a truly effective gutter system?

It’s not so much about the material used as it is about the installation and maintenance. When you choose a gutter protection system, you ensure your house against future damages with an aesthetically pleasing visual appeal. And when it comes to maintenance, the system does not require any special attention or upkeep.

Typical reasons for gutter repair and maintenance

It doesn’t matter the season the gutter will damage if you don’t fix it. The common reasons being:

  • The load gutters bear for transporting water away from the roof. 
  • Heavy rains and storms can cause the guttering system of your house to crack.
  • Accumulation of dirt, debris and leaves can lead to an addition to the weight of the gutters. 
  • The constant banging of the overhanging tree branches can destroy the gutters and also add to the weight. 
  • The hot and cold weather has its own effect. 

Due to the constant exposure to the external extremities of natural elements, gutters tend to deteriorate. For this, homeowners must ensure the gutters are in good shape and undertake regular maintenance efforts. 

If you see things on the basic level, clogged gutters can lead to rain cascading over the gutter’s side. Sharp rainwater droplets hit the gutters and the roof which is capable of cracking and breaking parts of the roof. During such harsh rains, if your gutters are clogged, water usually overflows, which causes water to seep into the structure’s interiors. 

Clogged gutters may be due to the accumulation of debris, dirt or tree leaves and branches which cause the gutters to swell. If gutters are left unattended for a longer time, they will erode the earth around your foundation, causing it to subside.

What do you need for gutter cleaning?

  • Ensure your safety

Gutters are located at the top of your roofs and for cleaning them, you need to climb over the roofs. Use a correct ladder that can extend to at least three feet above the gutters. Don’t use an A-frame step ladder, which won’t be tall enough and can get risky. Once you have the right ladder with you, ensure it is placed on stable and flat ground. For safety concerns, it is advisable to have one hand on the ladder at all times. 

  • Have the right tools

There are some basic tools and equipment you must have at all times when you undertake the task of gutter cleaning.  

  • Heavy surgical-type rubber gloves which are advertised as heavy-duty gloves, tend to tear as they are too thin to deal with sharp aluminium edges. For best results, you should use kitchen latex gloves.
  • A garden hose that is long enough to reach the gutters should be put to use, as it can stretch even while being attached to an outside faucet.
  • Garbage bags and buckets that can be used for waste disposal.
  • Gutter trowel: You can use some long plastic scoops thin enough to fit in the gutters. It is something that is easily available at home centres at low costs.

How to clean your gutters safely?

Gutter cleaning is a part of your house’s cleaning process, which homeowners can undertake with the help of Do-it-yourself tips. Our experts in roof restoration have listed out some tips for gutter cleaning by homeowners. 

  • Position your ladder on a flat surface and angled it correctly. 
  • Put on your rubber gloves and carry the trowel and bucket on top of the ladder.
  • Remove the gutter coverings and place it over the roof. 
  • Clear the debris that has been the reason for clogged gutters. Use the trowel to remove the layers and place the debris in the bucket. 
  • Scrape out the bottom sediments with the help of a putty knife or spoon. If it doesn’t work, feel free to use your hands. 
  • Once you’ve cleared your gutters, take all the items back to the ground and climb up the ladder again with the hose to rinse the gutters.  
  • Check to see if your downspouts are free of debris. If any debris has collected in them, try running a hose up them to dislodge it.

If you aren’t sure of cleaning your gutters yourself, hire a qualified roofing company that will help you restore your gutter’s glory. Expert roofers will have the necessary tools and equipment to ensure you with standard services.