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Advanced plumbing tools, equipment, and machinery always make complex plumbing task super easy and quick, especially when unblocking a clogged drain.  These efficient tools allows plumbers to take complete control of plumbing emergencies and fix the issue in a matter of few minutes.

Blocked drains are a common problem, and house owners have to face challenges to resolve it conveniently. It occurs because of some unnecessary things accumulated at the bottom of the sewer drain. Professional plumbers have experience in unblocking drains and can clear the drain without making a mess.

Techniques or tools used by plumbers to unblock drains

Plumbers use various ways to unblock or unclog drains. Some of the common methods, tools, and techniques used by blocked drain plumbers are as under –

  • Plunger– Most plumbers examine and try the plunger as the first tool to be used to clear blockages. They can identify the blockage and try to clear up the toilets, sinks, basins, or other blockages with the use of plungers. The severity and complexity of the blockages decide the usage of other plumbing tools as well.
  • Drain auger– Some plumbers also use a drain auger to clean narrow pipes, showers, or other closed blockages. It can easily unblock pipes and resolve complicated problems in no time.
  • Cable cleaning machines– These machines are best for cleaning all types of clogs or blocks. It is used majorly for clearing waste pipes which is a connection between multiple sewer drains. The machines have spinning blades that can cut through clogs and clean the drain efficiently. Small cables allow you to replace the cables instantly and without major problems.
  • Hydro jet tool– The hydro-jet machine can be used for clearing stormwater drains. It has nozzles that can easily clear out all the waste accumulated in the drain. Tree roots and other waste collected in the drain can be cleared with the help of a hydro jet tool. It is adequate for cleaning grease clogs and is more efficient than other machines.

Most drain plumbers examine or inspect the drain properly to identify the complexity of the drain clogs and arrange the tool to be used. Plumbers use cables to insert the camera in the drain and the picture is visible to them in the camera. It is easy to make quick decisions to unblock drains.

What chemical do plumbers use to unclog drains?

Professional plumbers also use chemicals to resolve severe blocked drain problems. Hydrochloric acid is mostly used by plumbers to dissolve the hard residues collected at the bottom of the drain.

Hydrochloric is a strong muriatic acid that can pose the danger of serious injury. It should be mixed properly with other chemicals and used by professional plumbers. Ensure the plumber is insured and use protective measures while using acid for drain cleaning. You can only get it by showing a plumber’s licence and providing a valid need for hydrochloric acid.

You should mix hydrochloric acid with water to clear pipe blockage and avoid corrosion or damage therein. Corrosion problems especially occur with old or damaged pipes.


Professional plumbers use varied tools and equipment to control the blocked drain situation. It is quite challenging to unblock drainage pipes without the use of specialised tools or machinery. The machinery makes the complex task easy and quick. You can contact professional plumbers to unclog drains as they have the tools that create less mess than usual or manual drain clearance.