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We all want fame and goodness in our lives. But not all of us work towards it. When we look at the modern world, the way humans interact has changed completely. However, the fundamentals are still the same. Now, instead of big showrooms, we have big websites that people visit and walkthrough. Companies hire the best SEO link building services Australia to reach the masses rightly. But not all websites see visitors. Near to 90% of total websites stay deprived of single organic traffic in their lifetime. The reason? Wrong digital approach. We discussed this with PLB about it – Learn More about . They said that one of the main things that websites are failing at is the Search Intent.

Search Intent has recently risen up to be the soul of the internet surfing experience. Websites must learn about it and work upon it.

What is Search Intent? Its purpose and its importance!

When we just look at this phrase or compound noun called Search Intent, we get a little idea about what it is. Search Intent is also called User Intent and has been in focus recently. Search Intent or User Intent simply means the intention behind a search query or a user’s query on the search engines. For example, if you are searching on Google for “best SEO link building services in Australia”, your intention remains to find the best SEO agency. Similarly, a person can also search for “what is SEO” on Google with an intention to learn about SEO and related things. But what is so special about Search Intent? Why are search engines focusing on it lately?

Why is Search or User Intent important?

Let’s go back to the days when the internet was a child and Google an infant. When the internet had come, people were looking towards it with awe and aspirations. It was revolutionary. Never had people thought of having a thing that will help them know about the world in real-time. Never had people thought that they would be able to speak to the world using a personal website. But then, we humans are greedy and tend to ruin everything that comes for the good of us.

Just when websites were getting made on the internet, a concept leaked out in the public – Google ranks websites based on the links they have and the keywords they use. The top websites on the search result page had the ability to capture the mass. It is like having your showroom at the best possible location in the market. And thus, people started tricking Google to rank on top of Google. The best SEO link building services were not even a word back then. People were using all the irrelevant keywords to target as many people as possible. Black hat tactics were prevalent and Google’s algorithms were not strong back then. But now, Google is a giant and uses A.I., M.L., and NLP (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing) to learn about search behaviour. This gave way to the term Search Intent or User Intent. Google’s aim is to serve people what it is looking for. If a person is coming to learn about mangoes, it will show websites that hold the intention of telling people about mangoes. But, why is Search Intent required?

Importance of Search Intent!

The sheer purpose of Search Intent is to bring a sense of goodness and harmony to the internet surfing experience. If a user wants to learn about SEO and Link Building, the user must be told relevant things about it. And after all, Search Intent offers immense benefits for both the customers and the businesses.

Here is how the internet benefits from using search intent!

  1. It saves time and energy of both users and businesses by delivering what is required.
  2. Because you are writing the right sort of content without manipulation, you are becoming the authority in your field. Google ranks authority websites higher on the SERP.
  3. Users tend to buy more often from websites that are genuine and sell fair products and services with an intention to add value to their customers’ lives.
  4. It helps in the creation of natural link building. The best SEO link building services in Australia tend to take care of User Intent a lot because it helps in the creation of more natural backlinks. Backlinks are like the backbone of the websites and act as a support system.
  5. It leads to lower bounce rate and higher User Retention Rate and Conversion Rate. This is good for the overall SEO. Learn more about and how it works around different dynamics of SEO.

So, as now you know why you need to take care of User Intent, it is time to learn about its types. How many types of Search Intent are there and what is their relation with SEO?

Types of Search Intent and its relation with SEO and Link Building!

When we talk about Search Intent, there are classes that help people create content in an order. If a person knows what Search Intent it wants to serve, it helps the person create better content for the internet — and we all know how content is the king of the internet. Serving Search/User Intent rightly also helps in getting better at SEO and ranking higher on SERP. Here are the basic types of Search Intent –

1. Informational Intent

The purpose of a user sometimes remains to learn about a subject. For example, a person might want to learn more about SEO, types of SEO, types of Search Intent, etc. The articles that serve an Informational Intent should not beat around the bush. If your title indicates that you are going to teach about SEO but the article is all about the different SEO plans you offer, you are not serving the search intent. This will lead to a higher bounce rate and Google will penalize your website. Furthermore, it will also lead to a drop in your goodwill.

2. Navigational Intent

There are times when you want to reach a desired destination on the internet. For example, you might type PLB on the internet with an intent to reach the website of PerfectLinkBuilding. Or you might type Facebook to reach the main website of Facebook. This is what we call Navigational Intent. SEO done rightly alone can help you serve your customers’ Navigational Intent. You must optimize your pages for the right keywords, otherwise, your website will fall on SERP.

3. Commercial Investigation Intent

Users do not just straightly buy a product. They first want to learn more about the products and know if it is the right thing to buy or not. For example, a person might search for the washing machines to buy, or the best SEO and backlink services, or anything with an intention being to investigate before buying the final product or service.

4. Transactional Intent

This intent simply means that the user is searching to enter into a financial transaction. For example, the person might search for lamps, SEO and link building services, watches, vehicles, etc. with an intention to buy. Your landing pages must be rightly optimized for this to serve.

These intents are the base of all the Search Intents that the content must hover around. If you have a website that has content, the content must be correctly optimized for the right search intent. Failing to do so results in loss of investment and a drop in SERP ranking. Look for the best SEO link building services in Australia or around you to get expert help. The idea is to bring a website in alignment with the hundreds of guidelines that Google wants people to work around. PLB says it is the need of the modern internet — Learn more about — and this need must be served to rise rightly in the digital world.