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In any room, wall tiles can enhance the ambiance and beauty. You can place them anywhere, on the balcony and terrace, in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, or even in commercial establishments like restaurants, hospitals, or schools. To select tiles for your project, you must know what you will use them for. In bathrooms and kitchens, for example, wall tiles must be water-resistant and non-bacteria-containing. For outdoor areas, you should make sure that the wall tiles can withstand heat, cold, and rain. A stylish wall tile would go well in a Living Room wall tiles Melbourne, while a soothing one would be better in a bedroom.

Type, size, and shape

A floor tile’s color and texture should complement a wall tiles. Among the most suitable wall tiles are gloss tiles due to their scratch resistance and easy cleaning. Take into account the tile shape and size, which can greatly affect your room’s final look. To maintain continuity, the floor tiles can also be used as wall tiles, which is quite a modern concept. In contrast to wall tiles, floor tiles are heavier, so you must optimize your choice accordingly.

Tile Size Selection From Living Room Wall Tiles Melbourne

For small residential areas like kitchens and bathrooms, it is essential. You can choose tiles in different sizes to match your decor and needs. Choose bigger tiles in lighter shades if your space is smaller. You can even go bold with different colors when you choose tiles for larger rooms like living rooms and bedrooms, like black marble patterns, grey, and even blue. For wall tiling, ceramic and porcelain tiles are equally suitable and are both affordable.

Take Maintenance into Consideration

Since porcelain and ceramic tiles are very water-resistant, they will be the least maintenance-intensive option for these surfaces. For tiles made from natural stone, more maintenance is necessary, as well as sealing. Having more pores makes them more likely to accumulate dirt. You might consider adding stone to a floor or a dry area in a room to add texture. Walls and accent tiles made of glass look amazing. Due to its slippery nature, the floor wouldn’t be suited to it.

Different Types Of Modern Toilets Melbourne In The Market

Color of Your Wall Tile

Some pointers may help you make your decision, but the decision must be based on your preferences. By using light-colored tiles on the wall, you can create a soothing atmosphere. Brighter-colored tiles improve the appearance of this kitchen area. You should choose wall tiles that complement the color of the cabinet. Using light-colored tiles with gloss finishes is best for dark spaces because they reflect more light.

Sealing Agent, Texture And Pattern

For an interesting wall design, you can use contrasting colors in the grouting. They can also act as complementary colors, which can make a subtle difference. The pattern and texture of the finish are equally important, whether the finish is matte or glazed. It is easier to clean glazed tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, so they should be the preferred option from Living Room wall tiles Melbourne.

Stick To One Show Stopper

It’s a good idea to place beautiful tiles in the bathroom, which has many beautiful tiles. You can display your personality by choosing a pattern or color that stands out on your tiles. Keep the show-stopper to one if you are going to implement it. This will allow you to create a look that is timeless since your design will not compete with other elements in the room. Your professional will guide you in selecting the perfect bathroom design.

Wrapping Up! 

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