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What type of business are you running? Is it Busines-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Customer (B2C)? If it is B2B, this is definitely for you. And if you are a B2C business, this still is important for you. We are going to explore what great social media marketing potential there is on LinkedIn. You may think that it’s mainly about peer connections between professionals, it’s true, but LinkedIn ads too, is a highly effective method on the platform to gain the attention of people and increase your sales.

Your business may be a B2B or B2b (or even B2C like I said earlier). Whichever it is chances are that you definitely are looking or at least have looked for some target-worthy people or businesses on LinkedIn which you can contact promoting your products or services. LinkedIn ads is the perfect social media marketing tool, in this case, to promote your services among the professional community you want to target.

To make it happen right for you, you need to do your social media marketing right on the platform. So let’s find out how to run a successful social media marketing campaign with LinkedIn ads. Before you start with LinkedIn ads, you need to do some thorough planning on your campaigns and consider many aspects, including what is your ideal audience, what type of community it is so you can optimise your content. And of course, what your content is going to be and whatnot. Once you have planned everything perfectly you can go for preparing and launching your social media marketing campaign on LinkedIn. Let’s get into the details now, on how to plan it and how to do it.

Where Should The Shoutout Go?

Like any other social media marketing campaign we handle, the first thing to be checked off the list is to decide on which type of people and businesses you want to reach to promote your services. LinkedIn’s vast collection of professionals and professional services carry a wide variety that may be relevant and also may be irrelevant to your campaign. You can get this done with simple research. One good idea would be to locate your existing customers there and then hunt for similar businesses or people. Keep in mind that targeting the wrong category of audiences for your campaign could burn out your money without giving you any positive results. And conducting social media marketing on LinkedIn for the wrong community not only loses the interest of the users and burns out your money on campaigns, but it could also damage you as a brand on LinkedIn and on the internet as well, as your brand looks to some people as a brand which shows the irrelevant content or as spam ads.

Draw It Up.

Once you have found your target audience, you are all sent to go for designing your ad for the LinkedIn ad. And when it comes to performing social media marketing on LinkedIn you have many types of ads which you can choose from, just like on Facebook and other social media marketing platforms. The range of LinkedIn ad types include,

  1. Single Image Ads
  2. Video Ads
  3. Carousel Ads
  4. Text Ads

So you can decide on which type of ad would be the most ideal for your social media marketing campaign and design it.

Choosing the type of ad you are going to do on your social media marketing campaign on LinkedIn could be crucial to bridging you back the expected results. It all depends on what information you need to be given to the viewer through your campaign. And what extent of convincing would your target audience need, based on your product or audience, and the nature of the audience itself. For example, to promote multiple services or products (which are related to one category) within a single ad campaign, using a carousel ad may be more effective than the other methods. And for a product or service that may need some string convincing, a creative single image ad or a video ad could do a lot.

Go Live With Social Media Marketing On LinkedIn.

All set now. We can go ahead and launch your ad on LinkedIn. But before you go for publishing your ad, you have to create a Campaign Manager account and set up your ad. Once you create your Campaign Manager account, you can move on to setting up and launching your social media marketing campaign.

Remember to set up your ad with the right objective of your ad, whether you want to generate leads or brand awareness, and how much of a budget you want to spend on it, and whatnot. You know these already. I needn’t tell you. Should I? You can also contact your digital marketing agency to help you do a marvellous LinkedIn ad campaign.

Optimise Your Campaign.

If you can hit your goal at the first chance, I should take a bow to you. But chances are that you don’t get to reach your expected target in one go. Especially if it is for the first time that you are doing a social media marketing campaign on LinkedIn, you better keep your expectations low at first. But not for that long.

As you go ahead with your LinkedIn ad, you can monitor its performance and optimise your ad to reach the audience better and generate leads or whatever your goal is.


Yes, it was easy and 1, 2, 3 (and 4), wasn’t it? It really is. Maybe not on the first try, but you will get the hang of it easily as you go. But there is another way that you can let go of all the hassle of doing audience research, designing, publishing and optimising. Go get the best Digital Marketing Agency out there to do it for you. They have plenty of experience on LinkedIn ads and know what needs to be done to launch a great social media marketing campaign and get you your expected results. Isn’t that a lot easier than doing it yourself? That’s what I recommend above all else.