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We, the people, live in processes of continuous change, consciously or not. All of this is reflected, in one way or another, in the costumes and in the image.

In this article, Anvisha tells you about those signs that indicate that you have to reinvent your personal style; and also gives you keys and advice to carry out the change and fall in love with your new image!

Style changes, just like you!

If we start from the premise that people (and all living beings) live in a process of evolution and constant change, how do we expect our image and style not to change?

Could we wear the same clothes, accessories and colours for the rest of our lives? Yes, of course, as a power… we can, and even many people do. Now, if what we want (besides not going around naked!) is to dress and wear an image that speaks of who we are inside and that helps us express the message we want to give to the world, we must accept that there will be certain moments ” hinge” that will lead to changes in our image. Eye!

There does not necessarily have to be a change or radio event, from one day to the next. Many times, on the contrary, internal changes, which are the ones that cause the most changes in the image, are simmered…

“The only constant is change”

Signs you need to update your style

Updating our style is something that, in most cases, we do unconsciously. We stop buying tight skirts and switch to tailoring pants, we feel that shirts are very formal and we are replacing them with blouses… The best thing, actually, is to stop for a moment and do it consciously, because that way we are active participants in the new image that we are creating for our own image.

In this sense, it can be difficult to recognize when the right time is.

These signs can help you identify it:

1. Your clothes no longer make you feel “at home”

The first sign to take into account is that those clothes that were the best for you before… no longer feel the same way. It’s hard to break down this feeling, but I’m sure you understand what I want to tell you: those clothes that give you security, self-confidence, comfort, and on top of that! They make you feel beautiful… Those are your “home” clothes.

It is possible that the clothes that you loved a few years ago, or even months, you feel that “they no longer fit”. Yes. As we grow, we change our tastes, aspects of our personality, and our wants and needs, leading to a change in the clothes we choose.

2. Thinking about what to wear is a struggle

Your wardrobe is full of clothes… and nothing convinces you. This gives you the pattern that most of those clothes no longer represent you, something like they are from a “previous season” of yourself! In fact, your wardrobe can be full of current fashion clothes and, even so, you feel that there are no clothes for you… Almost as if their owner was someone else.

3. Your clothes are not useful for your routine

If your lifestyle has changed, so should your wardrobe. The truth is that clothes have to fulfil the role of accompanying us in our lives and not be an impediment. When our activities and responsibilities change, we need clothing and accessories that accommodate those changes.

If you went from living in the middle of the city to the countryside, if you became a mother or left the corporate world to be a yoga teacher… Any change you make in your routine will result in a change in the clothes you choose to go about your day-to-day, and that’s when many pieces of your wardrobe will fall into disuse.

4. The key question: would you buy it again?

Asking yourself this question (and answering it honestly) is essential to start the wardrobe purification process. If most of what you have gets a NO, it means it’s time to renew yourself and find a style that goes more with who you are TODAY! Be careful, do not feel guilty about this or that you wasted your money.

Most likely you have already enjoyed those garments, and if you chose them it was because, at the time, you believed that they went with your style and with you. And image management, like everything in life, is also a constant learning process.

5 tips to reinvent your style

Reinvent Your Style

1. Define what you want to project with your style

Remember that style is not external, it is not bought on hangers arranged in stores. On the contrary, it is about taking to the outer plane, to your aesthetic presentation (clothing, colours, makeup, hairstyle, etc.), what you are being today, that is, your values, objectives, talents and emotions.

Identifying who are today and what you want to project with your image is the cornerstone, the base, of the selection of aesthetic tools that make up your personal style. Without that, we can do little to define it.

And if you need help on this point, my free resource to find your style in 6 steps can be very useful.

2. Analyze your wardrobe for signs

Signs of what? Of the clothes, textures and colours that you like the most of everything in that closet. There is the indication, the tip of the ball, of what represents you today. On that, we will have to build and strengthen it.

3. Analyze the style of characters or celebrities

We are not going to try to buy from the same brands as billionaire celebrities, but looking at their looks, how they combine, the colours they choose for different occasions, I assure you that it will help you find things that you do like.

Analyze different daily looks, and see what you can take for your own daily routine. I also recommend that you analyze at least 5 people, and pay attention to the clothes or colours that are repeated, because there are your key clothes!

4. Create an inspiration board

For this, Pinterest is an excellent tool. A great way to put together inspiration and different outfits is to collect all the images and put together boards (which can also be folders on your computer!) for different events, activities or seasons of the year: work, nights out, spring… This not only will help you to put together similar outfits to what you already have but also to buy intelligently and thus renew your wardrobe for your current version of yourself.

5. Arm yourself with the basics

If you feel that your current wardrobe matches 0% with your style today, a great option is to invest in basic garments. With neutral colours and simple cuts, without prints or textures, they will serve you not only for the style you want to wear today but also for tomorrow, because these garments never go out of style, they are timeless! In this article, you have more tips on how to create your wardrobe background.

In conclusion

Just because you’ve always dressed a certain way doesn’t mean you should stay that way forever. For this reason, it is essential that you can stop for a moment and think about who you are today, what represents you and, fundamentally, what message you want to convey to the world. In this way and only in this way will you will be able to reinvent your image to express yourself authentically and honestly at each stage of your life.

Do you want to do it in an orderly and dynamic way without wasting time? My advisory service is just what you need.