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While blending two families with the binder called a marriage, tales about a repo with a mom-in-law will make you little fearful. The mother-in-law has always had a bad image in marriage tradition. Perhaps, just like fairy tale villains, mom-in-laws are jut misunderstood.

Well, all of us are aware that motherhood is a sacred position, so it’s natural that any woman feels fear about losing her son and give her son into another woman’s hand.

You can gel up with your mom-in-law as time passes. It is well said that, ‘You will get what you give.’ If you will respect your mom-in-law then you will also get respect from her and she will include you in her family so easily.

Here are some tips and tricks about how you can keep your relationship with your mom-in-law on a track:

  1. Be prepared to give your special time to your family

Well, this is not so easy but not impossible even. You should spend your weekends with your family and festivals. Especially you need to give preference to your mom-in-law during spending time. Planning and clarity help you manage the family expectations. You need to let your mom-in-law know about your plans for weekends and festivals. Your mom-in-law will surely appreciate your approach to giving your time to family and dedicating yourself totally to family during festive days.

  1. Go with the flow

The biggest frustration about your mom-in-law to you is that she does not behave in a way you think she should in such situations. At least at first you should let her be how she wants to be. Let it go with the flow. Your mom-in-law has made a great efforts to make your family united and happy since she came. So, you need to fit into their lives.

  1. A big No to sarcasm with her, be straight forward

Beware of sarcasm and criticism with mom-in-law. Somebody from your circle won’t be your well-wisher and may try to break your bond with your mom-in-law. So, whenever you smell something like that, go and talk to your mom-in-law and make things clear with her whatever you heard from someone. Talk to her in a straight forward way and do not give space others to come in between you and her. If your husband felt something wrong, clear the things with him and make him understand that you are in a harmony with your mom-in-law.

  1. Make her feel loved

She used to have a special place in home and she still needs it the most even after you come to home. It is your responsibility to make her feel special and make her feel appreciated and loved.

A mom-in-law cannot replace your mom’s place in your life but she can be next to her if you also try to make a good understanding with her.