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Balancing between the professional life and personal life is the most difficult thing. On the top of that, if you are a mom, it would be too difficult to handle both work and home. However, with good organizing and managing skills, a woman can easily balance both the lives.

Here, the hurdles all the working mom might be facing are discussed below:

  1. Role of a working mom overlapping her role as a spouse

Hectic weekdays and crazy schedules make it too difficult for a mom to find the time and energy for love making with her spouse. After a long day at work, mom just wants to see her kids, to feed them and look after them, and lovemaking is the last thing to her mind. A working mom should plan a dinner or a weekend trip to give some quality time to your spouse, too.

  1. Working mom hardly spends time for shopping

It is very obvious that working mom hardly spends a portion of her day for shopping. Shopping is a time consuming task, that is why working mom needs to plan the shopping schedule and adjust the time when there will be less crowd and new arrivals in the shopping malls. Nowadays, shopping is made very easy by e-commerce websites. Now, you no longer have to even go out for shopping as you can shop online!

  1. It demands you to divide the household activities

Nowadays, it is not the sole responsibility of a woman to do all the household activities. All the household activities need to be divided between husband and wife. Working in shifts can also help the best to manage the house works and taking care of baby, too. Taking alternate shifts by husband can be very easy to manage baby. Childcare are also taken into consideration or hire a nanny can be also helpful.

  1. A sense of guilt is always there in the mind

Whether it is your first child or a fourth child, you need to spare time with your kid. Leaving your kid at home and going to work is too emotional. Many moms feel ‘Mommy guilt’ – the guilt of not being able to spend time with kid. This guilt can give mom a heartache that they are scarifying the precious moments of their life to be with their kid at the very first phase of their life. However, feeling guilty is not productive, plan your daily schedule to give time to your kids and you can connect them anytime with kid by video calling them.

  1. No scope for free time

Of course, there will be no ‘me’ time for working mom. You can ask your mother or sister to help you with your kid while you relax, and you can spend time with yourself.

Being a working mom is too difficult but it gives you a lot of joy, too. Enjoy your professional hood and motherhood as much as possible.