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With ever-developing and advancing technology, both home and businesses are adapting to solar energy. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and, most importantly, cost-effective. If your installer has advised you to install a 10KW solar panel system at your home, then you need to consider some crucial steps. Whether you are shifting to solar for your home or business, here are is what you need to know first.

Choose the Right Tech

There are various sorts of solar technologies from which to choose. As a result, picking the proper one becomes critical. For example, photovoltaic allows you to generate electricity, whereas solar thermal only allows you to heat water.

With the photovoltaic technology, you will get two options polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon. Monocrystalline silicon offers better efficiencies than polycrystalline. Choose a good brand 10KW solar panel system which will give you better electricity output and have a better impact on the energy your system produces.

10Kw Solar Panel


When you are buying a solar system, you are not only buying the panels but also the inverters too. The main job of the inverter is to convert the Direct Current or DC produced by the 10KW solar panel system to Alternating Current AC. There are mainly two types of inverters.

  • Centralized Inverter

This is the most commonly used inverter around the world. This is a cost-effective option that converts DC power from the panel centrally.

  • Micro-Inverter

This costs a little more than the centralized inverter, but it offers many advantages as well. Unlike the centralized inverter, this is mounted on each solar panel.

Choosing the right inverter is equally important as choosing a solar panel. The inverter is the first thing in the setup that lasts up to 15 years. Always go with a premium inverter to get better electricity output.

Solar Inverter

Measure Energy Use

Before you install a solar system, you need to measure your energy use. This becomes very important when determining how much energy you want to generate for your solar system. When you know the amount of electricity you consume, you can make a decision on how big a solar system you need. Also, find out when you use electricity, is it in the morning, evening or middle of the day? It is important to position the panels according to it.

Check Local Finance Options

Many governments around the world are giving incentives to those who want to install solar panels. The government is supporting this clean source of energy that doesn’t leave a carbon footprint. With investment subsidies, 30% of the installation cost is refunded.

Subsidies for the solar system are approved in so many countries.

Decide the Right Position of Panels

The efficiency of the solar system depends on so many factors, and position is one of them. If you live in the northern hemisphere, then the sun is on the south side of the sky, and that’s why you can get maximum efficiency if you install the panel facing the south side.

Like that, in the southern hemisphere, it would be best if you place the panels facing north. Make sure that there are no shades of trees or buildings on the solar panels.

10Kw Solar System


Get renewable energy solution 10kw solar panel system in Brisbane, it has to be at the right angle so that it can give better efficiency. Solar panels can be tilted towards the sun using a tilt frame. Using the right angle tilt, you can increase the efficiency of the solar system. So, investing in a tilt frame is totally worth it.

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