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Tired of seeing the same dull bathroom every day? It happens, no one likes the exact same thing constantly and human nature is that we need change from time to time. As much as some of us struggle with change, a lot of us cannot go without change for a long time. But what if you didn’t have to go without change for long? What if we told you you can easily get your bathroom makeover in Melbourne with few tricks and tips and you do not have to worry about having to see the same walls and floors of your bathroom every single day? So that is exactly what we are here for, to give you some makeover tips for your bathroom.


  • Tiles

This is one of the most effective tips. When you get your bathroom designers in Melbourne to change the tiles, you change the entire look of the space. Now, you can get your bathroom floor tiles as the traditional aesthetic designs go. But you can also have your walls tiled! Bathroom interior designers in Melbourne help you give your bathroom the kind of makeover that makes your shower absolutely beautiful and new and different from the previous look.


  • Towels

Towels in the bathroom are convenient and functional. But that is not all. If you fold the towels well, if you position the towels with well thought planning, you can use towels to change the way your bathroom looks! There are many ways to fold the towel and many spaces in the bathroom where the towels can be placed. And as small as a task it may be, it really does change how your entire bathroom looks!


  • Shelves

Just like towels, shelves don’t just serve the purpose of being functional and making things convenient. Shelves that are built beautifully and mounted on the wall with perfection can change the entire feel of your shower. And shelves at particular places in the bathroom also help increase functionality along with increasing the aesthetic appeal.


  • Shower Curtain

Choosing the shower curtains is even more important. When you choose the shower curtain, you either make a beautiful theme or you end up making the whole bathroom look like a mess. Now the theme doesn’t have to be a particular context of a movie or a character or a story or such. It could simply be a color. But making sure that the shower curtain goes along with the theme of the rest of the bathroom makes a huge difference.


  • Bathroom Freshener

Using bathroom freshener is associated with human psychology. You could be in the same bathroom but if the bathroom has a different fragrance, your brain will easily believe that it’s a new place. You can stick with your one favourite fragrance or switch it up according to your preference. Bathroom fresheners are the cheapest and yet very effective.


  • Professional Cleaning

Get professional cleaning done in your bathroom. You can have it done periodically. Professional cleaning changes the entire look of your bathroom by bringing back the original color and shine of the tiles and getting rid of all the corner dirt and mould and mildew and gives your bathroom a new look.


  • Wall Paint

Change the wall paint of your bathroom. Changing the color of the walls and/ or ceiling can make a remarkable difference to how your bathroom looks!


Now that you know how to do it, get your bathroom renovations in Melbourne with the best bathroom builders of Melbourne!


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