by Jilli

The majority of people are also aware that wine must be preserved in a specific way. Few people are familiar with the details of wine ageing or comprehend the science behind it, which may explain why so many people overlook the necessity of appropriate wine storage. This is where professional wine storage comes into play, and here is some measure of how to safely store and age the wine.


The recommended storage temperature for wine is between 11°C and 14°C. When wine is held at warmer temperatures, it can age more quickly, which is not always good because it brings out unpleasant characteristics in the wine.


Professional wine storage makes grabbing a bottle or two straightforward whenever you feel like indulging or inviting company over. The facilities are also bright and comfortable to be in, so if your cellar is gloomy, damp, or guarded by a couple of huntsmen, you might choose to hire a professional.


Wine must be stored in an odourless environment. The molecules that make that odour can, and will, sneak into the wine over time since some air will always get back into the wine through the cork. Some scents are harmless, while others are quite dangerous. Solvents and different fragrant food ingredients, such as onions or garlic, are odours to be aware of. Keep these away from your wines.

Wine storage space

A wine collection may also be challenging to accommodate into a crowded home. You do not have to take up valuable space by storing your wine collection in purpose-built wine storage unitsand this will ensure safety as well.


Excessive light should be avoided when it comes to wine. The light will particularly short wavelengths, breaks down the complex compounds that give the wine its amazing flavours. Because wine is already well protected in glass, which almost absorbs all UV radiation, this is rarely a problem. The dark-coloured glass absorbs most other light. Low-level lights will not harm the wine.


Invest a lot of time and money in the wine storage solution, so it is only reasonable that we want to make sure it is safe. Professional wine storage company offer high-end, commercial-grade security with a sophisticated backup system to protect your wines as a professional wine storage facility. Sprinkler systems are installed in all of the cellars, and backup generators arrive on site within thirty minutes in the event of a power outage.

Temperature stability

Wine must be stored in a temperature-controlled and stable atmosphere. Temperature variation of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius once a year is considered normal. The “holy grail” of wine storage is temperature stability. It is, aside from humidity, the most important of the storage requirements and one of the most difficult to meet. It is even more crucial than the actual average temperature level is maintaining a steady temperature over time.

Wrapping it up

If the following parameters are not met, the quality of your wine will most certainly suffer. If you want to establish a wine collection, one of the finest wine storage methods is to invest in a wine storage unit. A self-storage service provider has a professional wine storage facility that lasts at least ten years, so what you buy is crucial if you want a higher return on investment. If you buy a cheap unit that will only last two years and may damage your wine, it is pointless.