by Lucy Waters

Name badges can be a very crucial part of any official setup. You may be a vendor who has opened up a shop to sell wares or an executive running hundreds of employees, and a name badge helps all of you. Firstly, it imbibes a professional setup in the workers. The name written along with the designation and the company logo gives a very professional touch and leaves an impact on the customers. Knowing names also bring a very personal tone when your workers are dealing with customers thus easing the transaction. Thus custom badges Australia are very necessary in any such official environment.

You can get so many name badges crafted at just a word. These agencies also offer you a plethora of choices to select from. You can customize the name badges any way you want. You can have different materials be used to craft the name badges for you. Here are some of the most amazing name badges that you can ask for.

Custom Badges Australia1

Metallic Name Badges

Metallic name badges are some of the best made custom badges in Australia that you can ask for. Firstly, the metallic badges are very durable and have quite a strong appearance. The look sophisticated and the bright display ensure that the name is shown easily. Metallic badges are mostly laser engraved. Laser cutting ensures that the names are deeply etched on to the surface and there is nearly no chance of the name being removed or washed off.

Acrylic Name Badges

Acrylic is a great material when you want to craft name badges. These materials are hardy and durable but can also be easily worked with using modern tools. You may have acrylic be molded or cut to any shape you like. You can have a doming layer on top of the smooth acrylic surface to give it a shiny, sophisticated edge. You may have the names printed in clear, bold letters or you may have them laser engraved. Acrylic is a strong material that is not likely to corrode or break easily. The names are also less likely to be removed easily from the surface of the badge. It is brightly and easily visible. You can have the acrylic badge in any shape you like! These are the best options for name badges for a big enterprise or a shopping complex or such options.

Custom Badges Australia1

Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic name badges are not a material type but a type of badges. You can have such badges crafted out of both acrylic and metallic materials. The best thing about magnetic name badges is that they are very easy to put up. They have discarded the use of pins and thus chances of you pricking yourself while putting in the badge in a hurry is far less. It is also environmentally sustainable because birds and animals may accidentally feed on discarded pins and be fatally wounded! There are no such problems with the magnets.

Name badges for Pets!

Your dear furry friend in the family also requires a name badge or a tag. The tag has its name and all the information required to identify it. If it ever gets lost in the crowd the tag ensures that the furry friend is a pet. The tag also has details such as the owner’s name, contact details, and address such that any Good Samaritan can help the pet get back to its home. Such name badges can have many stylish looks and is best crafted from metals!