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Are you a pet owner??? Oops…Not an owner, but a pet PARENT, right? So, being a pet parent, you want to do every possible things to care and pamper your pet, which involves regular activities to make them happy and healthy.

Here, we are listing some responsible activities which you can follow throughout the whole lifespan of your pet:

  1. Visit Veterinarian often

It is always advisable to visit veterinarian regularly for a responsible ownership of your pet. As they are having shorter lifespan than humans, they need to be medically checked twice a year. Of course, like your kid, taking pet to vet clinic is challenging, but there are the ways that can be helpful. You can acclimate your cat into cat carrier (to avoid running away and hiding under the bed scenes). You can take your dog to joy rides in your car and make veterinarian clinic your destination.

  1. Vaccinations

Giving vaccines is the vital part of a pet care. You should keep a file record so you can previously arrange an appointment. During your first visit, your vet will make an immunization schedule to protect them from illness and diseases. If you have adopted an adult pet, you should be aware about the immunization schedule and past medical history of it.

  1. Give them proper identification

If the unimaginable situation happens and your little guy or girl gets lost, having proper identification can provide a happy ending. At basic, you can give a safe collar and place your contact information on the tag of it. To be more advance, you can insert a microchip in your pet’s body, so that you can track the exact location. You should update your information in microchip file whenever you change your address or phone number.

  1. Spaying/Neutering

Spaying your pet means removing uterus and ovaries from her belly. That is a preventive action for cervical cancer and ovarian cancer. That also reduces the chances that she will stray from home in search of a partner. Neutering your puppy will prevent him from testicular cancer.

  1. Give them healthy diet

The major part about taking care of pets is giving them healthy food and pure water. The right pet food will make your pet healthy, and enrich them with nutrition. You can select a diet which can be rich in proteins, fats and carbs. You should not miss to give fibre foods to improve their digestive system.

  1. Provide them comfy homes

You should have a look at the quarter that has provided to your pet. As the season changes, you should give a safe and secure habitat to your pet. You should check that no any exposed wires or hazardous material is there around your pet residence area.

You can apply all these parenting technics in your daily life in order to reap lifetime benefits.