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Steel Wool photography is a strategy used to make sensational and novel pictures by joining the sparkles from consuming steel fleece with long presentation photography.


Steel wool photography seems very complex but it becomes very easy with the help of some tips and specific techniques.

In this blog, I will mention the tools, specific settings, and usage of flash are required for steel wool photography.



You can use any DSLR camera which can be able to work in manual mode. You can either use wide-angle lens (15-24 mm) or fish-eye in order to get plenty of sparks and light in the scene.


Similarly as with any long introduction photography, your camera should be made sure about on a tripod and the screen ought to be activated with either a link discharge or the self-clock of camera to maintain a strategic distance from camera shake.

Steel wool

You must use steel wool of grade #00 which is easily available in market.

Wire whisk

A standard size kitchen whisk is required. You should take a whisk which has the hook at the end.


The best length of chain is around 4 m. you can choose size depending on your shot and what is comfortable for you to spin.

You can purchase chain at a tool shop yet you can likewise take a stab at string, rope or something comparative. A canine rope additionally works extraordinary in light of the fact that it as of now has a simple to-connect snare on it.


You can use any lighter. If you use lighter which lights easily in the wind, it is considered as cherry on the cake.


You should have basic knowledge of manual mode photography. Manual mode is obligatory for steel wool photography. You can watch exposure related tutorials on YouTube channel.


It varies from person to person. It means how much light you want to include from surrounding. You have to begin with ISO 400 and then you adjust from that onwards.


You should start with f/9 and adjust from there. Choice must be specific which should not have a long shutter speed.

Shutter speed

Shutter speed must be 4-9 seconds that is considered as an ideal for steel wool photography. That is the time when the steel wool will burn for.


Steel wool photography requires 2 people. So, one person is the photographer who will capture the shot when another person is spinning wool. Steel wool should be packed loosely with whisk.


Locate somebody in the spot where the turning will happen and set the camera to concentrate on them. Utilize the self-adjust to get the concentration by squeezing the shade most of the way until the camera shows it has engaged and afterward change it to manual concentration so it will remain secured without evolving. Simply make sure to switch back to self-adjust on the off chance that you have to re-make the scene later.

On the off chance that it’s excessively dull, the camera may experience difficulty concentrating in light of the fact that the self-adjust depends on a spot of differentiation to discover centre. All things considered, have the individual remaining in the turn spot sparkle a spotlight on themselves while you get the centre secured.

I like to make an imprint on the ground or in the sand so in the event that they move or we change places, I realize what detect the attention was determined to. This will be less significant the farther away the subject is on the grounds that eventually the camera will simply be engaged to boundlessness. The closer the subject is to the camera, the more significant it will be to get the centre exact.

In the photos where I am presented towards the front of the scene with another person turning, I set the point of convergence on myself by having the other individual incidentally remain there and make an imprint in the sand before heading off to the turn spot. I at that point utilized the 10-second clock to begin the photograph and posture in that spot where the centre was set.


Camera should be triggered with self-timer of camera. If there will be 2 person in the picture then self-timer (10 seconds) is preferable so that it gives you enough time to get posted in the frame before starting your shot. The spinner would then be able to will simply tally to around 6 preceding lighting and beginning to turn. Now and then it takes a few attempts to get the planning right in the event that you are doing this with a clock. Focus on the shade to open soon after the individual beginnings turning since the sparkles will ordinarily not last more than around 10 seconds.


The spinner have to light the wool with the lighter. After that, he needs to start spinning the whisk with the help of chain. You must spin as the aim sparks toward the camera with a view to getting light trails in front. You can spin it with a creative technique.


This section will provide information about when and why to use flash in steel wool photography. Besides this, the settings are also covered.

I think all picture takers have streak dread at first yet it’s truly not as hard as you would might suspect. I was totally overpowered from the outset when it came to making sense of how to join flash with a long introduction yet after some examination and practice, it at last bodes well.

Steel wool photography doesn’t need to include streak except if you need to represent a subject in the scene as the point of convergence, for example, in the shot of me beneath. The most ideal approach to get your subject sharp in a long introduction is by having a blaze fire not long before the shade closes to freeze any movement from the individual.


You should use canon SPEEDLITE 430Ex 2. It is very easy for beginners. You can use it for sunset portraits where flash is required to light the subjects against the sunlight in background.

An external flash provide two choices such as manual (M) and through the lens (TTL). This is exact same as your camera where you can use manual or automatic mode. In automatic mode, it adjusts settings based on the light and subject. Steel wool photography, I have thought that it was’ basic to place the flash in manual mode in light of the fact that the camera won’t understand what you are attempting to achieve here.

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