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The first question that comes to mind for anyone who is unfamiliar with the phrase is what it actually means. In simple terms, an eSafety Check (also known as a Pink Slip Check) is a method in which a trustworthy, approved inspector inspects your vehicle to determine whether or not it is roadworthy (you will learn more about it later). The inspector will perform a series of examinations in various sections of the car, and in the end, he or she will determine whether or not your vehicle is roadworthy (thus the name). A pink slip inspection, often known as an eSafety Check, is the name given to this entire procedure.

As a side note, the information is referred to as a “e”-Safety Check because it is recorded in electronic devices and stored over the internet for later use. The pink slip inspection ensures that the vehicle is perfect and ready to get on the road. It is a procedure in which a trusted and authorised inspector will check the roadworthiness of a vehicle.

The pink slip is the safety check which needs certain standards to be fulfilled. There are amendments made in the process of inspecting with time. All the records of the inspection are maintained online which is termed as e-Safety Check. It is quite easily accessible for later uses.

Pink slip inspection checklist

The pink slip inspection pass is the mandatory check-up of the vehicle. You have to follow all the norms that are made for the vehicle check. You can pass the inspection only when your vehicle meets all the necessary standards and is in good condition to be driven on the road. It is an ethically correct law for the safety of every citizen. The pink slip inspection includes –

  • Proper engine functioning – You will find that the pink slip inspection pass requires the proper functioning of the vehicle engine. It should be in the best condition for becoming roadworthy. The engine should not be leaking any fuel and consuming more than the required fuel. It should not have overheating issues or expel harmful smoke. If anything is found under issues then you have to get it repaired instantly for making the vehicle roadworthy.
  • Seatbelts – Many accidents take place worldwide for many reasons. Most of the accidents happen as a result of neglecting the basic traffic rules. You can at least prevent your life by checking the seat belt condition and its functioning.
  • Condition of tyres – It is a basic requirement of the vehicle to run without obstacles. You should ensure that the tyre does not burst or puncture. It is excellent to check that there should not be less than the required air in the tyres.
  • Lights or indicators – The pink slip inspector also checks the headlights and indicators of the vehicle. Sometimes the wrong functioning of the indicators leads to accidents. The vehicle can be ready to be driven on the road with perfect functioning of the high beam, low beam, number plate lights, brake lights and so on.
  • Brakes – You should ensure the perfect brake functions. The brake controls the whole vehicle according to the requirement of the conditions and situations on the road. Without brakes, your vehicle is not ready to pass the pink slip inspection.
  • Fluid check – The vehicle should have the perfect maintenance of the fluid levels. There should not be any leaking areas in the fuel containers. It is a necessary check or inspection to avoid any issues in the middle of the ride.

The pink slip in NSW is quite essential to drive your vehicle on the road. If you are driving without the pink slip inspection then you have to pay the fine of thousands of dollars. It is quite a hefty amount to pay for middle-class families.

  • Basic steps to pass the pink slip inspection

If your vehicle has everything in the best condition working properly then you can easily pass the pink slip inspection. The pink slip in Randwick requires the best condition of the vehicle at all levels. It is excellent for every other person on the road. You can go through the pink slip checklist to pass the pink slip inspection.

You can get your vehicle repaired by checking all the basic functions. By having a pink slip safety check you are making the roads safer for yourself and others. You do not have to suffer any harder consequences at any time of the day. The inspection law is the warning against accidents. You should not neglect the basic needs of the vehicle and maintain them with time.

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