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Mold is sneaky and can quickly spread through a building. Mold spores are constantly floating through the air and can quickly multiply on any warm, damp surface. Mold on a mattress can become deeply rooted before its presence is obvious (through the development of pink or black spots or stains). Beds with mould on them can be a real health hazard for the occupants. When you pull back the covers on your bed, you might be taken aback to see a dark, sprawling stain caused by mold. So mattress deep cleaning becomes a vital part in getting rid of molds.

When did my mattress get mouldy?

Just so you know, we never make or ship out mattresses that have mould in them. Brand new mattresses are manufactured in sterile settings and packaged in airtight containers for shipment. The occurrence of a mouldy mattress is always the result of environmental variables.

Growing mould requires the right combination of water, food, and temperature. The water vapour could originate from perspiration, and a humid environment would only aid this process. When we talk about “food,” we don’t mean actual food, but rather the cotton or even dead skin that can be found in many mattresses. Mold can grow in environments where there is both water and food. As long as you keep up with regular Water Damage Carpet Sydney cleanings, you won’t have to worry about it.

How to Thoroughly Remove Mould from Your Mattress in Easy Steps

  • Turn the mattress over and vacuum it. To prevent the spread of mould spores, empty the dust catcher of your vacuum immediately after use.
  • In a disposable container, combine equal parts isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol) and warm water. Soak a cloth in it, squeeze out the excess water, and use it to scrub the mould off the mattress. Scrubbing in a circular motion and extending your efforts well beyond the visible mould will yield the best results.
  • Please use a cloth dampened with warm water to wipe this area down. Avoid getting the cloth so wet that you’re adding more moisture to the mattress, as this will only promote more mould growth.
  • Apply a mild disinfectant made for upholstery sparingly and uniformly. Do it all over the top of the bed.
  • Then, position your mattress in open air and bright sunlight. Because of this, your mattress will dry out without further mould growth being permitted.

Solution to the persistent problem of mattress mould.

Mold on a mattress can spread quickly, so it’s important to get rid of it as soon as possible. Taking preventative measures to avoid a return of mattress mould is an absolute must once you’ve eliminated the mould itself. Here are some potential solutions for mattress deep cleaning to this issue:

  • Keep your bedroom dry by using a dehumidifier. Mold grows in damp environments, so a dehumidifier should be used to keep the humidity low.
  • Air purifiers help to circulate and filter the air in a room, making them a great addition to any bedroom. A properly functioning air purifier can eliminate mould spores from the air. Despite the fact that this won’t eliminate any mould that may already be present on your bedroom’s surfaces, it should help reduce the quantity of mould spores in the air. The mattress will be protected from future mould growth thanks to this measure.
  • Even if you will be gone for some time, leave the windows open. People frequently forget to leave their air conditioners, fans, and purifiers on when they leave their homes. This is a huge no-no in Singapore because damp and dark environments are breeding grounds for mold. This common blunder is often made by expatriates who are either not used to the weather where they are or who are constantly on the move. If you have a timer on your air conditioner or circulator, leave it on while you’re gone.
  • Consider investing in a mattress treated to prevent the growth of mould. A latex mattress will not support the growth of mould because the material is not conducive to that purpose. There are additional advantages to sleeping on a latex mattress, such as the fact that it helps to maintain healthy spinal alignment while you rest.

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