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In a woman’s life, a wedding day is the biggest day and she needs to feel so special that day. Ultimately, it is HER day. So, she obviously wishes to have an alluring beauty and awe inspiring attire. Switching to have a good and healthy diet, Bride-to-be needs to have pre-bridal beauty treatments that makes her beautiful nothing less than perfect.

Almost all beauty salons and parlors provide some pre-bridal packages and they can be customized to cater all the bride requirements. Here are some beauty-care treatments that are included in the packages:

  1. Full body waxing

Waxing is the easiest way and make the skin buttery smooth that lasts almost 3-5 weeks. You should adopt this method as soon as possible if you are not used to this process. Waxing should be done before 2-3 days of wedding day to settle any minor problems that can arise from waxing. You should choose a skilled professional experts and get a smoother hair-free skin.

  1. Threading

As the eyes are the most beautiful and expressive part of the face, they needs to be highlighted. Well groomed and neatly shaped eyebrows can add grace to the eyes. You should get your eyebrows and upper lips threading done two days before wedding day. An epilator may also help you to remove hair from the other parts of the face.

  1. Facial

Regular facial treatments can cleans your skin, remove dead skin and make it glow naturally. Facial ensures the removal of white and black heads and make skin bright and soft to touch. You need to make sure that the facial is according to your skin type that the ingredients which will be applied to your skin are not harmful or allergic. Schedule a facial 4-5 days before to give time to your skin for settlement.

  1. Body massage

A relaxing bridal massage can be very helpful to shed off your stress and exhaustion. Relaxation can make you more beautiful. Body massage can improve blood circulation and nourishes the skin. You can choose any massage oil or a simple coconut oil. You can add sugar to the oil to exfoliate the skin. If you want to lighten the visible cellulite, then you should add coffee grains and massage it over to make it less visible.

  1. Pedicure and Manicure

It is a vital thing to give attention to your hands and feet when you are going to be a bride. Regular pedicure and manicure can give you soft and smooth skin and healthy nails. Nowadays, you can flaunt your nails by having an appealing nail art.

  1. Hair treatments

You should trim your hairs to avoid split ends. You can go for smoothening and straightening, too.

You should be aware of all these treatments and you won’t miss a glance for a single person on your big day!