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The very while when you think that things have settled down a bit, Google stomps down before with its another update. And this time it is this beautiful and revolutionary update called MUM. Words are that it will change the way the internet works! The air is also cold and heavy with fear that it will kill SEO forever. Is it? Blurn, Webdesign Sydney, says that it has some truth to it, but the truth is not all! Google thinks that websites these days do not truly understand every user intent, and this leaves users to click here and there. This is where Google’s MUMs update arrives with some solution. But what about SEO? Will it fall stale and stagnant?

Will Google’s MUM update kill SEO?

To understand if subject A will kill subject B, we first must understand what these 2 subjects are and if they are even at a clash or not! Thus we must first understand what SEO is and what is MUM. Then alone we would be able to see if it will impact SEO or not.

Google SEO!

SEO is a set of rules and guidelines that websites follow to let search engines crawl their websites and know what their content is about. Search Engines do not understand natural language like us. You can click here and there to read an article and tell by yourself what that article is about and what does it say. But it is not so about search engines, or was not so until now. Google needs you to optimize your content in order to understand several things about your content. This includes several things like using tags, Meta description, keywords, robots.txt file, local SEO, snippets, etc.

Then later down the lane, it started working on NLP, M.L. (Machine Learning), and A.I. to understand the language as we humans do. This gave birth to the BERT update in the year 2018. It intended to understand the actual intent behind the query and the actual meaning behind the articles on the internet. But it was not the endpoint, says Blurn, Webdesign Sydney.

Google’s MUM!

And now we have Google’s MUM update, also known as Multitask Unified Model. Just later in this year 2021, Google revealed its Multimodal and multitasking program alongside LaMDA, which is a skilled A.I. apt of carrying conversations as we humans do. This will start rolling out in early 2022. But what is it?

The very basic thing it will do is to understand the actual meaning behind your query, compare millions of blogs to look for a solution, pick up fragments from many blogs, and serve you a perfect solution on your screen. Imagine searching on the internet if you can honk in Australia. There Google’s MUM will understand why you want to know this. It will first see if honking in your country is a crime. It will then see if it is a crime in Australia. Then it will compare the road and traffic rules of your country and Australia, and thus serve you other rules that you might need to keep in mind to avoid challans. This is just one solution. This will save you time and you won’t have to click here and there for a simple answer.

Google’s MUM update v/s SEO.

Now you have the basics in your mind to make sense of comparison we will do further, and if MUM will kill SEO or not!

As we saw, Google requires SEO to crawl and understand the content that is on the internet. It uses hundreds of ranking factors to rate the quality of content and how apt it stands against a user query. This helps it in ranking the websites. But there is this simple question! What if Google could be God and understand it all? What if this God could serve us a simple solution and help us to not click here and there?

We can’t say if it has become God. But Google recently announced that its MUM update will be 1000 times — One Thousand Times — stronger than its BERT update. It would also be able to naturally understand the content across 75 different languages, compare the content, pull out useful fragments, and serve a simple solution before the user.

The question is simple — If it would be so strong to be able to understand the language naturally and read the content, why SEO? Blurn, Webdesign Sydney, has an answer!

The answer too is simple. Considering the level of technology that Google is now using and its computing powers, SEO might fall weak in the distant future. But it is going to be for the good. People always try fooling the search engine using targeted keywords. This simply means that the quality of content drops down. But SEO will not fall completely. There are many factors around SEO that will work still.

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The advent of MUM will make sure of one thing, which is that black hat practices would stop further. Those trying to target users based on keywords alone will suffer. Providing a good quality user experience has always been the goal of Google. This is why we have been telling for a long time to focus on the quality of the content. The internet has already become a cesspool of bad quality repetitive content, and now it is time to put an end to this.

If you are writing a blog, make sure you write in such a way that the user does not have to go anywhere else. MUM update specifically will help in the areas for which there are no good solutions around. If you have an article about how to bake a chocolate cake in under 2 hours, and someone is searching for the same, then Google needs to do nothing but show your article on the SERP. Says Blurn, Webdesign Sydney, that blogging will become better than ever. People will now try to write as best as they can. This will only help this world become a better place.

Furthermore, it will also make the reach of websites into countries speaking other languages. Because we now know that this MUM will leap the language barrier, it will convert fragments of your content into other languages if it thinks that it serves a perfect answer to that query!

Apart from it, the link-building factors, Core Web Vitals, and other crucial factors will still be there to create a perfect balance of quality and authenticity. Until the days when the search engine is such strong that it could work like a giant brain apt of understanding everything naturally, compare through different sources, know their authenticity, and serve a one-click solution, SEO is going to be there. Even then, blogging will thrive. The base of MUM is blogging and other sorts of content alone. So one needs to worry only if one follows any black hat tactics.