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What is SEO and what are its advantages?

Not that the term SEO (search engine optimization ) needs much of an introduction, the technical meaning of this abbreviation is the process of increasing both the quantity as well as the quality of website traffic, providing a solid platform to your website to generate more vision and awareness and of course to establish a concrete brand name. In other words, this entire process is all about finding out what exactly are people searching for online, the words that are being used the most and most importantly the kind of content that is attracting them the most. Once you know what people are looking for and where is the majority for the requirement of your product, you are in a better position to market your commodity where it is needed the most automatically increasing your chances of attracting more traffic to your website and naturally in creating more conversions.

Advertising or SEO. The better choice?

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The most vital parts of search engine marketing are AdWords and SEO. Even though these two have some similarities and some differences, the right usage of them completely depends on the kind of promotions you have in mind and can be used both individually or combined depending upon the kind of requirement that you have. Even those both seem to have their respective pros, let’s have a look at some of their differences.
• AdWords is strictly for google sites and websites that use Google AdSense whereas SEO is not just restricted to google and is applicable for all search engines.

• AdWords traffic is paid whereas SEO traffic is organic and free.

• One advantage which AdWords is that you can potion them either at the top or bottom of the page whereas in case go SEO, you have to world rather hard to attain a place for yourself fin the rankings.

• Once you stop paying for the advertisements, all the traffic that is getting generated by the advertisements is sure to stop as well whereas this is not the case with SEO, as once if you have started getting the organic traffic, you will continue to do so for a long time.

The vital components of a good SEO

vital components of a good SEO

With its many advantages, the term SEO might often seem highly intimidating to a lot of people, but the fact is that is you break it down into easy understanding and parts, there is really not much to fuss about. There are three basic components of a good SEO.

• On-site optimization – This is all about the content, structure, information and layout of your site. Not just Google but all the others each engine crawl and scan your site to check what is it all about and then with the accuracy of the information decide upon your rankings, therefore it will not be wrong to say that to create not just more traffic but also excellent rakings, this aspect of erectly important.

• Ongoing quality content – So you have curated the best website with all the relevant information and an appeal that is sure to attract your visitors, but is that enough? No! ongoing quality content refers to the updates on your process which are sure to be the life of your website. Continues blogs, newsfeed, testimonials not only keep your audience intrigued but also motivate them to keep coming back for more.

• Off-site authority building – this refers to building a relationship and presence on external sites and platforms. To attract people, ensure that the content is free from spammy, irrelevant and unwanted content.

There is just no hiding the fact that SEO is a great strategy for not just beginners but also for the established players to multiply their work by manifolds. So, make the most of this fantastic feature and let the sky be the limit.