by Steve Wright

Have you ever heard of the term E Juice? Well, if you have not, we will make you familiar with what it is? Read on the article to know what this trendy terminology is and why it is getting so much popularity across the world. The trend of Vaping has seen a considerable rise in recent years and more reportedly among the youth. The vaping has fascinated them to try E juices and chill with friends. More so, various brands are manufacturing the same, so ensure you buy e-juice with genuine sellers as fake brands are also prevailing due to high demand.

The guide will let you know every detail about Vape Juice and how it has carved a niche in the world. So let’s get started?

First and foremost, let us understand What is E-Juice?
E-liquid, E juice, or Vape Juice are all similar terms and mean the same. They are fluids that are used in vaporizers for creating vapour. Mostly these juices come with nicotine, but there are zero nicotine e- juices available as well. The e-juice consists of Propylene Glycol(PG) or Vegetable Glycerine(VG), water, and food flavors. The vaporizer used lets the e-liquid heat up to 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit, which creates vapor to inhale. The proportion of Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol is dominant (90%), while food flavor and nicotine consisting of only 10%.

Which is more beneficial- PG e-liquid or VG?

  • The E juice with PG in it has a minimal amount of gunk and residue in it; thus, cleaning is easier. It does not have a significant impact on food flavor and is thin in consistency. The throat hit is excellent, giving a feel of cigarette smoking.
  • While the vape juice with VG in it has sweet flavour and it has a quite viscous consistency. The vapor clouds are more visible and bigger in VG e-juice.
  • It is a personal preference whether you chose PG or VG e-liquid. Thre are also hybrid mixtures available for more impact.

Flavors available for E Juice
Depending upon personal choice, you can opt for any flavor that is available in your area. The best e-juice flavors seen are Peach, Cookies, Frosty Lychee, Tobaco, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Blueberry, and many more.

People also prefer brands of e-juice, and the top brands available are Ricthy Liqua e-Liquid, Supreme e-Liquid Italy, and Oplus Eliquids. The brands are popular and have the best of ingredients for you to have optimum satisfaction.

Is there any difference in vape juice and smoking cigarettes?
To start your vaping journey, you must go with E-juices. One might think it to be similar to that of smoking cigarettes, but it is not the same. Yes, the feel with vape juice is just like cigarette smoking but with a limited amount of hazards.

Cigarates have more than 4000 chemicals involved, and you inhale them while smoking, causing life-threating diseases.

While the e-juice does contain a few percentages of nicotine, you can still opt for Zero nicotine levels e juice. They are made up of Vegetable Glycerine, Food grade flavors (Used for other food products like Ketchup), and water.

Benefits of vape Juice
Nicotine is a toxic element, and Gen X is hooked onto it. Those who don’t smoke, lean towards vaping. Once in a while, vaping is not hazardous, but making it a regular habit will undoubtedly impact your health.
Knowing of Health hazard is essential, but does Vape juice is equally beneficial for you? The answer is Yes. Listed down are few benefits of consuming E-liquid.

  • Limiting the intake of Nicotine
  • Controlling the vapor to exhale
  • Endless e juice Flavour options
  • No smoke odor unlike cigarette smoking

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