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Poisonous Addiction of Social media

What it is?
Addiction often refers to a compulsive behavior and used in a negative sense. In most cases, people feel compelled to some activities repeatedly so they become their harmful habits, which can interferes with other daily important activities. Social media addiction refers to the behavior of someone who spends too much time on social media sites that it can even affects to his/her routine life.

Disadvantages of Social media addiction on Social life
Social media addiction can be a barrier between social and personal relationships. It can even hamper the confidence of a person in real world. Social media allows people to share their opinions and views via posts so when it is time to share the views verbally, person will find it difficult. As social media is having privacy issues, persons can be enabled to commit social crimes. There are many frauds exist on social media who can affect our privacy or can steal our personal details and misuse them. The time spent on social media will be always higher than the time we spend for daily work or studies. Thus, it can make us inefficient in our daily activities.

Health issues caused by Social media

  • Sleep: Using cell phone, laptop, iPod late at night can disturb your normal sleep patterns, potentially leaving you with the sleep disorder leads often to insomnia. Late night use of social media is also associated with stress and depression.
  • Depression: One of the survey says that participants who constantly crave their cell phones accessible were more likely to report depressive mental health.
  • Isolation: Related to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), excessive usage of technology can make you feel isolated. Eventually, the person who always stays busy on his phone can make him less available to the surrounded people at meetings, social gatherings, functions, etc.
  • Eating disturbance: It can imbalance the diet and irregular eating habits.

Impacts of social media on adults and children
Adults lose the interests in studies and other work. Employer-employee relationship can be affected due to less interest of employees at work. It can affect the education by diverting the attention from studies to virtual world. Children might get access to social media and often choses to go on a wrong path by exposing themselves to porn sites, sexting, inappropriate content, cyber crime, etc.

At last, as the coin has two sides, social media is also having its pros and cons. Social media can be used in limited access so that its benefits can be adopted with reduces risks. There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with interacting with other human beings…Just don’t lose sight to see the real world around you!!!