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With time the trends in the interior design in a hotel have changed rapidly. Modern hotels have adapted to these new changes with creativity. Going with the trend is very crucial for your business and also to attract new customers. The modern hospitality design in Melbourne focuses on so many areas to enhance the overall efficiency of the hospital. So here are some of the key trends that you shouldn’t miss.

hospitality design in Melbourne

Multi-use spaces lobbies

So many hotels focus on offering a great first impression to their customers, and for that, they are investing highly in the entrance lobbies. The Choose hospitality design firms in Melbourne is giving top priority to building lobbies that can create a positive environment for social encounters. The hotels should offer multi-use space for formal and casual talks, plugging devices, working on laptops. It means the sofa and table arrangement has to be perfect, and space segmentation plays a crucial part. Some of the great features in the hotel market include indoor waterfalls, green walls, multimedia stations, and large chandeliers.

Guestroom configuration

Previously bed-table-locker combo was used, but it doesn’t feel inviting anymore. You need to upgrade with time because nowadays the guests expect surprises. TV panels, comfortable sofa, and creative office spaces are some of the key things in a modern hotel room. Additionally, colour explosions and décor mixed with advanced electric items can attract guests who want a unique accommodation.

Great bathroom features

In most of the hotels, the bathroom space is compromised, and it is minimized to expand more area for the living room. The modern guests expect to have a good bathroom space with spa-like features. The designers are focusing on this in the hospitality design in Melbourne to make the room more welcoming. A resort-like bathroom will make people feel relaxed and offer luxury to people. You can add waterfall showers, giant towels, en-suite bedrooms, oversized bathtubs, and plenty of space.

Hospitality Interior Design

Indoor-outdoor combination

Modern hotel owners are trying their best to add natural beauty. Not only is the hotel expanding its area in the terraces, but also nature comes into play inside it as well. Stone decoration, wood panelling, indoor waterfalls, lush greenery are some of the best elements that can help with the stress of hotel guests. Most of the people come to the hotel to spend some quality time and away from their hectic schedule, and in this case, these natural elements can offer them what they want.

Focus on local art

It is disappointing to see the modern designers don’t use local art in the design. Fortunately, now the hotel owners are adding local art in their design that will surely improve the guest’s perception of the hotel and create a better experience. You can use large-scale installations or even small sculptures to make the hotel warmer and more welcoming.

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More colour and texture

Colour plays a crucial part in the guest’s experience and how he/she feels about the place. Hospitality design services give more importance to the colour and texture of the room. Using the psychology of colours would create a positive impact on the environment and the guests. Offering guests something that can feel more will lead to a memorable experience, and they will surely want to visit again. Make sure to not go overboard with the colours, and use the minimal yet effective colour combination to create a soothing joyful atmosphere.

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