by oliva wilson

In simple terms, Deutsch plug kits are part of a Deutsch connector system, which is designed to be sealed connectors for use in the purpose of connections in the cable to cable, cable to device, or cable to board applications. They are mostly used in environments where the slightest degradation like corrosion is enough to cause a critical error to an operation.

There are many terms that involve in the Deutsch connector terminology. This might be quite confusing to the inexperienced; as you grow familiar with these products you will find it much easier to understand the connectors.


–          The pin terminal which is the male contact for electricity = resides in the ‘socket’

–          The socket terminal is the opposite of the pin terminal and is the female contact for electricity and resides inside the ‘plug’

–          Plug as per terminology is the male housing unit. It is made of plastic and inside it resides in the socket. The socket, on the other hand, is the female housing unit, also made of plastic. It houses the pin terminals. When the ‘plug’ has been inserted into the ‘socket’ the electricity contact inside both terminals are connected  and allowing for electricity to pass through

Why Should You Use Deutsch Connectors And Deutsch Plug Kits?

An electrical system is a delicate system and is also expensive to diagnose too. In the event of a failure in an electrical system, it could result in the complete shutdown of all operations due to the equipment being downed. With most of our daily life, heavily revolving around electric appliances and systems, the complete shutdown of electricity can cause an abrupt halt to normal living. Thus good engineers always recommend the use of Deutsch connectors which is capable of withstanding extreme conditions for more than seventy years in most industrial environments like applications relating to -highways, aerospace, construction, and industrial commercial transportation, etc.

The Deutsch connector shines particularly in applications that are often contaminated by dust, dirt, rough terrain, moisture and salt spray, etc. These elements often cause electrical connections and system to be overridden with contamination and damages. This is even truer in electrical systems within a heavy industrial area.

An industrial environment hosts a large number of machinery, these machinery cause vibrations as they are used and the constant bombardment of vibration by heavy machinery can place a toll on the electrical system. Industry are also home to temperature extremes due to the amount of machinery involved, the area can get hot or cold, causing potential damage to the connectors for your electrical system as normal wires would not be able to sustain the constant temperature hike and dive. The industry also hosts various types of chemicals within their vicinity, an accidental leak into the electrical system would cause the entire industrial operation to shut down, and this would lead to heavy losses in money and time.

Deutsch connectors built with rugged thermoplastic shells and metal are designed to be highly durable and can endure and function even under harsh environments. Apart from being durable, they are also extremely light in weight and also resistant to flames and chemicals, some types also are waterproof, thus making it an ideal choice for industrial needs and other similar applications.

The Deutsch connector is also available in kits on stores offline and online, Deutsch plug kits are basic kits sold with all the connector parts that make up the parts of the kit, for those looking into buying a whole set of Deutsch connector kits like the Deutsch plug kit, will enjoy the package as it saves time from procuring the required product one at a time.

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