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We recommend checking out state-of-the-art energy technology Active Kinetic 1 likely to go viral for 2023.

This tech has a new ability of energy creation and containment that may be used along with 85% of electricity produced worldwide and would be far more efficient. The Active Kinetic 1 technology is sustainable, CO2 free and has been suggested for use from Wind to solar on Earth and for interplanetary energy.

UK have pledge to invest more in energy production and renewable than ever before in its history.

This type of technology will quickly lead towards many new renewable technologies. Currently research has opened the doors to wind, sea and human energy all now available.

The systems has advanced method to use kinetic motion energy. Alternatively, one can say that the change in kinetic energy is equal to the net work done on an object or system. This work can create electricity.

Motion energy is a new method that Active Kinetic 1 have developed and it works very well in prototypes.

The new method opens a new door to access clean energy and can positively impact the world carbon reduction requirements.

Carbon-Free Energy 24/7 is needed to provide clean electricity. We must accelerate the decarbonization of electricity systems by enabling new tech to replace fossil fuels to meet net zero ambitions. The climate cannot sustain the current carbon volumes and these are predicted to increase with population and industry growth.

Active Kinetic 1 is technology is created from materials that can 100% be recycled eternally making it extremely sustainable.

Nuclear, Solar and Fossil fuels can all use this tech to produce even more energy or it can be used with 100% renewable resources.

Most recently even Nuclear Fusion has a suggested method to utilise this tech to generate more energy.

Active Kinetic 1 is a new form of electric generator that can work alongside energy systems to create and store 50% to 150% more electricity.

Additionally energy blackouts caused by natural events, such as rain, snow, hail, snow, dust and leaves can be overcome by using this new renewable tech to survive. In such major natural events Active Kinetic 1 tech would likely still be able to produce some power.

Information on the tech remains secret, however there are many example videos of the working prototype and lots of information online.