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Do you know how the Best Hair Colourist in Melbourne should be? If no, then this article is written for you! Yes, you need some knowledge and awareness before hiring.

Appearance speaks a lot louder than actions at first look. It is why many tries to maintain an elegant look with a regular haircut, shave, and frequent beauty parlor visit.  Nowadays hair coloring also says a lot about a person. One with a dark shade is considered more confident while of fading hue as naïve and obedient. Also, people love to have a change in their looks, and hair dying has become a common practice. If you are planning to dye your virgin hair from the Best Hair Colourist Melbourne, then you need to consider certain things. Change from the natural hair color to desired hair dying may not be welcomed by all at first sight. However, if exact shades are chosen then they will surely enhance your beauty. Similarly, there are many other factors that you need to consider before virgin hair coloring. To know those interesting factors, scroll and read till the end.

Calculate The Maintenance Before The Jump

Some hair colors require more maintenance than other hues. So, it is significant to consider the color wisely before making the plunge. Experts say it takes nearly one and half months for the dye to get into the hair roots. Regardless of various measures taken to maintain, fading is an unavoidable part as the hairs grow about half an inch every month. Therefore, you need to reframe the roofs within this period. If you lack the time or do not have money for maintenance, it is advisable to choose a hue that is close to your natural color. By doing this, the difference in the hair roots won’t be easily noticed. You can choose ombre so that regular maintenance isn’t much required.

Easiest Color To Maintain

If you are looking forward for the easiest and low maintenance color, choose balayage on natural hair color. Professional coloristssay dying with balayage is a win-win situation. Because you can get your hair colored with the required result on one hand and while on the other maintenance isn’t hectic. Even if you keep the color untouched after the dye, still it will look good. Also, balayage will keep up the look even if it is touched up every 6 to 12 months. For a glossy look rather than touch up, the colorist recommends shining and toning your hair.  In short, if you want to dye your hair and hate to maintain it, balayage is the option for you!

Hardest Hue To Maintain

Do not go with red hair color, if you hate to visit saloons often. Expert says red is the hardest color to get, achieve, and also to remove. If you think you can really spend both time and money on hair dying, get committed with red. Still, if you want to try red dye in low maintenance, then get a consultation with your hair colorist. Sometimes certain recommendations or ideas will be put forward by them for maintaining even this hardest hue.

Know The Cost To Be Incurred

Hair dying is a bit costlier task. Not every saloon in the town offers the same price for the colors or for its process. Generally, the cost for a hair coloring is between $100 to $200 and for highlight, it ranges from $100 to $500. So, before committing with a colorist, get a price quote. Ask from different saloons rather than contacting just one. Do not commit to too low-price dying colorist as the chemical used may damage your hair or for a higher price which isn’t feasible for you. Choose the one within the mid-price range for getting the result.

Show Photos To Best Hair Colourist Melbourne

The best way to explain to your colorist is by showing the photos. Obviously, you must have got inspired for a particular color from a well-known celebrity. So, if you google on smartphones, photos can be found. Show the photos to your colorist and make them properly understand your demand. By doing this, you can remain confident that your colorist and you remain on the same boat.

Result Won’t Be Yielded In First Go

Last but not least is that do not think that the result can be yielded from your first try. Suppose if your natural hair color is black and your chosen dye is blonde, then the result cannot be yielded in the first go. Coloring from dark to light hue or low fade to high shade is like a journey and so it should be experienced slowly than nailing it on the first ride. Therefore, allow the hair to undergo various underlying tones to reach the desired hair.

Closing Lines

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