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If you are a working parent, then festivals are the main occasion that your kids will expect more from you. Your kids will demand some extra care, love and time from you during festival days. You have also chance to take extra-special care for your kids and make the festival days memory-worthy for them and you as well.

If you want to make your festivals special and your kids happy, then here are the tips and tricks to plan the festival celebration with kids:

  1. Plan your holidays in advance

It is said that ‘A thing well planned is a half done.’ Mark your festival dates in calendar and plan your days accordingly. Postpone your working tasks and meeting schedules after the festival days to stay relaxed and peaceful. You can plan to go on a trip to celebrate festivals. You can make your kids learn about different places and history about festivals.

  1. Ask for help

It is so obvious that you should talk to your juniors or other colleagues to help you with the office work when you won’t be available to work during festival days. You can thus focus on your time with kids and family members. You can return the favour in other occasions to your colleagues.

  1. Make an activity chart

You can schedule the activities and plan the tasks you will be carrying out for your kids or with your kids during festival days. You can surely discuss these things beforehand with your kids and other family members so that you can get to know their interests and hobbies. You can take your kids to historical places or adventurous trip. You need to check out the address, route, event timings, etc. Activity chart will give you the sequence of activities so you will not waste time in thinking of the next task.

  1. Try to celebrate the festivals in your own way

You can surely twist the traditions to celebrate festivals in your own way according to your schedule. You can prioritise your kids interests to celebrate so that they can indulge more in the celebration. For instance, if you cannot make sweets and festive foods at home, you can buy it from sweet shops. You can make your kids in touch with the traditions and rituals those are connected with the particular festival. If you alone cannot plan the things on a larger means, you can go to community celebrations. You can encourage your kids to participate in those communal events. Your kids want a happy and memorable childhood, you are whole and sole responsible for it.