by lara buck

If you are into any kind of sports, and play at city, state or international level, then you must always be under the pressure of maintaining an optimum level of sports performance. However, when it comes to enhance sports performance, we often see the sportsperson struggling to identify where to start from. As is the case with other fields, even in sports, different methodologies, technologies, and equipment have been introduced that can help in improving performance. However, there are so many options available that choosing the right method to enhance sports performance can be overwhelming.

Here we have mentioned some effective ways to help you in improving sports performance.

Do different functional exercises:  Improving performance doesn’t mean that you have to work extensive on the body, or have to drop weight. It means that you have to improve the bone and muscle mass. You also have to work on improving mental prowess and response time.  Thus, you must include different types of functional exercises in your workout routine as they are great foundation. These exercises will help you in working out the muscles that are critical during the sports activity. These exercises can also help in preventing sports injuries.  This data will help you in improving your performance and track record.

Measuring and tracking performance:  With the advancement of technology, there is a flood of equipment that will help you in monitoring your performance. You should keep a track of your performance during the workout session and compare it with the previous session. This data will not just motivate you to improve and perform better but you can also compare whether the exercise routine has brought considerable improvement. You can use this data to track and improve your performance record.  You can use a mobile app, fitness watches, or other equipment to measure the distance, run time, heart rate and other vital factors. You can store the data in these devises, and compare every few days to see where have you reached.

Remain hydrated:  When we workout we produce excess sweat. It’s because the workout tends to increase the body temperature and sweating is a way to help cool down your body. If you are involved in intense workout, your body might need up to a liter of water every hour to keep it hydrated. It is possible that you lose your grip and even consciousness during hard rep due to dehydration and injure yourself. Thus, during workout, you should drink around 0.8-1 liters of water every hour.  You should also drink plenty of water before workout. But that doesn’t mean you drink excess water, as it could lead to nausea and bloating, and will affect your performance. Thus, keep yourself optimally hydrated while working out or when performing to enhance sports performance.

Time to recover: Sports injuries are common, and they require a long time for proper recovery. If you start your workout again without recovering properly, it can lead to permanent damage to the recovering part along with those around it. Also, when you work out, your muscles and tissues face wear and tear and they need time to recover.  Therefore, it is essential that you should not workout when in pain.  You must take a break and give your body proper time to heal.  You can also go for healing massages and do stretches to relieve the pain.

Right nutrition: Another essential fact that one must consider enhancing sports performance is the nutritional aspect. What you eat, when you eat it, and how much you eat is going to impact your performance. Thus, when it comes to enhancing sports performance, you must ensure that you eat right, at the right time and in the right quantity.

These are some of the tips that will help you enhance sports performance.