by Ashley Kinsela

The options are innumerable and may leave you baffled by the pricing and features it offers when it comes to its. To ease things for you, we have got together a list of different air conditioning systems, which will make your purchase easy and simplified. At the same time, keeping the important features of the system into consideration is paramount. Below mentioned are some types of AC along with the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Types Of AC Along With The Advantages And Disadvantages

Window AC

The most conventional form of the cooling system is the window air-con. These are designed to be installed as a window unit. These come in different sizes and are built in different functionality. The bigger is the air conditioning unit, the cooler air it will emit. Though they are highly efficient in cooling, one drawback is the noise it creates while operating. The cooling capabilities of window air cons are limited because of its static location. These are a cost-effective option for effective cooling of your house, window ACs can be a good choice.


Easy to install

Lower upfront cost

Energy-efficient cooling


Limited cooling zone

They can be noisy

Obstruct the windows

Split system

These are the most commonly used air conditioning systems and are designed to be mounted on the wall. They are available in different capacities. Their sleek look and elegant design make them a perfect cooling system that easily harmonizes with the interior of your space. In addition, you can find them in different colors as well. Most of the split system comes with additional features like inverter technology, sensor, air-fostering, etc.


Look minimalist and stylish

Efficient cooling

Noise-free cooling


Lack of air exchange

Expensive to install

Not efficient in cooling the entire house

Ducted cooling system

If you are looking for an effective cooling option for your place, then a ducted cooling system is a good choice. These ducts pass through the entire house, and you can control the cooling with the help of a thermostat. These are highly efficient and help in cooling the entire house. Moreover, you can also invest in a reverse cycle ducted cooling system, which will work as a heating system during the winter.


Effective and efficient cooling

Ability to control the cooling of different zones of the house

Programmable thermostat

Silent operation


Higher cost of installation

Duct leakage can be problematic

an older system may become inefficient in cooling

Portable air conditioners

Not everyone loves the idea of installing a hefty air conditioning and cooling machine in their house. For such individuals, you have the option of portable air conditioners. These small and sleek machines ensure effective cooling, and you can move them around the house and use it at the desired location.


Easy to install

Lower upfront cost

Can be moved around the house



Good for cooling small rooms

It takes up the floor space

If you plan to buy one, you must always choose the right capacity air conditioning system that guarantees effective cooling. At the same time, you must also not ignore the timely maintenance and servicing of the air conditioning system if you want them to last for long. Timely maintenance and servicing of such systems will also save your cost of repair or sometimes replacement. A professionally qualified technician knows about the air conditioning system and can guarantee the best service.

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