by Lucy Waters

Smartphones make it easy for anyone to shoot videos and upload them or show them to friends and customers. Some businesses go this route because it costs next to nothing and, well, you do get your point across. By professional corporate standards, such videos simply do not complement the image of your brand. This is one reason why corporate enterprises rope in Melbourne video production agency to tell their brand story.

The brand touches everything

The company brand touches everything from letterhead to packaging to marketing collaterals to products. It must reflect in videos you produce for a product demo, for event videos or promotional videos. Brands are associative too, which is why promotions or demos usually involve high-quality exotic imagery and even rope in well-known personalities. Further, brands must tell the customer that what it stands for is in consonance with the values they hold. Melbourne video production agency factors in these and other considerations in scripting a video.

Video evolves the brand

The video can make or break your brand. Video is infinitely more powerful compared to static images but how the video is scripted, crafted and polished is what makes the difference. A professional video production company puts in strenuous efforts to craft a video that will evolve the brand to higher levels. Take a look at all that goes into evolving the brand through the medium of video.

  • Scripting a storyline that tells something evocative and desirable about a brand
  • Selection of words, subtitles and music to go with the concept
  • Stylized associative imagery sequence leading to a progressive climax that builds the brand by imprinting itself on the conscious and subconscious of the viewer.
  • Analyze target customers to see if the brand story resonates with their perceptions.
  • Decide on scenes, locations, products, actors within a given budget.

It does not happen in a day. The concept takes shape after several brainstorming sessions and trying out what-if scenarios to find out the best one suited to the goal of the client. Budget is also an important consideration because there are no limits. For instance, one could choose exotic locales and hire celebrities to become brand ambassadors. Video producers must also work within a budget and yet deliver the finest brand-building video. You need an entire team of marketing experts, design professionals, video cameramen, editors and audio experts to craft a short but impressive video that tells a story about a brand through the visual medium.

As said earlier, you can use a smartphone to shoot a video but you cannot expect that video to have much of an impact in creating brand value. It takes professionals using all their creative and technical expertise to craft videos. You need a Melbourne video production agency if you want results that translate to brand value and revenues.