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Have you ever wished you could take the joy of cooking on a BBQ and do it somewhere other than in your backyard? Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the unique smoky flavour of grilled meats and vegetables on your next camping trip? And indeed, after a long day of hiking, most of us would like nothing more than a perfectly barbecued burger!

All of what we described may have once been the things that dreams were made of. However, times have changed thanks to innovative BBQ manufacturers who have been going out of their way to provide a viable solution for their consumers. We all know how impractical it would be to cart a full-sized BBQ with us on a camping trip.

However, these days there are plenty of compact portable BBQ models available. Whether you need an electric powered, charcoal or gas BBQ to operate in a particular environment, there are a vast array of options on the market.

Weber Camping BBQs

But when it comes to the best BBQs on the market, Weber is a name that has become synonymous with quality. As you would expect from one of the leading BBQ manufacturers in the world, they’ve also got the camping market covered. Whether it is the Weber Q 2200 Gas Grill which is known for ease of use and exceptional heat output, or the Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Charcoal Grill, which is a more lightweight yet sturdy model, Weber have you covered regardless of your personal requirements and budget.

Get More Out of Your Weber With Accessories

What’s more, Weber isn’t just in the business of giving you a top-quality BBQ and leaving you to your own devices; they have also gone ahead and produced an excellent selection of BBQ accessories. These are essential for cooks that intend to get the most out of their Weber BBQ.

So in this post, we’ll help you get the most out of your Weber camping BBQ. We will start by discussing the advantages of having a Weber BBQ when you are out camping before going on to discuss which Weber BBQ is best for camping. We will also provide some useful insights into how Weber BBQ accessories could enhance your outdoor cooking experience while out in the bush.

The Benefits of Having a Weber BBQ for Camping

Any BBQ enthusiast has dreamed of being able to BBQ in an outdoor setting beyond their own backyard. With all the things you need to organise for a family camping adventure, the chances of being able to find space in the car for a traditional BBQ are unlikely. However, with the advent of portable BBQs from reputable brands like Weber, the dream can now become a reality.

If you aren’t convinced that a Weber camping BBQ is for you, here are some of the reasons you might want to rethink your decision.


The most prominent advantage for camping BBQs is that they are portable, unlike the traditional one’s people have in their homes. Most traditional BBQs are big, cumbersome, and difficult to move around. However, by opting for a camping BBQ, you’ll be dealing with a much more compact, lightweight device that is designed to be moved around more efficiently.

Take the Weber 1520, which is about 75 cm long and 43 cm wide and designed with a shape that makes transporting the device easy. Another option, such as the Weber Q200, might be a bit pricier but it comes packed with the features you’d expect on a traditional Weber but in a more compact form.

Perfect for Smaller Groups

Whether you are camping or not, having a huge grill where you only use a small section of the space can feel a bit unnecessary. It also results in a waste of energy. One of the major benefits of having a portable BBQ, even for home use, is that it’s smaller. This not only means it is perfect for smaller groups but even an individual who enjoys camping as a lone wolf!

For instance, the Weber Q200, which is not the smallest BBQ on the market, provides enough grilling space for a small group of people while also being designed to be moved easily. These more compact Weber models have also been designed to preserve fuel so you can rest easy, knowing that wastage will be less.

Competitively Priced

Let’s be honest, times are tough, and who doesn’t like to grab a bargain? You will find that smaller BBQs tend to be less pricey than traditional stationary BBQ models. Moreover, you will also be making long-term savings when it comes to fuel consumption. Therefore, if you think you will only be catering for small groups or will mostly be using your Weber BBQ for camping, it makes financial sense to choose a portable version.

Which Weber BBQ is Best for Camping?

When it comes to Weber camping BBQs, you are spoilt for choice. From the lightweight Weber 1520 to the Weber Q200 and the Weber Jumbo Joe, there are plenty of options to choose from.


Which Weber camping BBQ is best really depends on an individual’s preferences and requirements? Firstly, consider the size because although you want to choose something as compact as possible, you need to think of how many people you will likely be catering for.


Next up, it is good to factor in the type of fuel you plan to be using while out camping. Check the campsite rules and regulations in the area you will most likely be camping in. There are some places that do not allow charcoal grilling.


Finally, you will need to factor in the price. We all have different budgets, but thankfully Weber has designed a range of different portable BBQ options. Hence, you are sure to find one which meets your price point.

The Best Weber Camping BBQ Accessories

Once you have chosen a Weber camping BBQ that meets your personal needs and budget, you should start considering which accessories you want to invest in to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.

Weber Lighter Cubes

There is no point in having a great portable camping BBQ if you have not got anything to fire it up with. These Weber Lighter Cubes will not just get your charcoal lit quickly though. They are also great fire starters, even in wet conditions, so be sure to pack some for every camping trip.

 Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount

This is a nifty little device when it comes to transporting your gas and accessing it easily. The Out-Back Gas Bottle Mount can be fixed onto your car’s spare tyre mount. The mount has been specifically designed so it can be used in multiple positions depending on the placement of your spare tyre, and it is perfect for campers who use their camp kitchen at the back of their vehicle.

Stainless Steel Side Tables

There is nothing more frustrating than having cooked your meal and having nowhere to place it or not having your cooking tools easy to hand. Thankfully, Weber sells a range of sturdy, stable, stainless steel side tables that can handle the heat from your BBQ. These side tables provide plenty of extra work and storage space to make the cooking process more enjoyable.

Weber BBQ Scraper

If you are looking for a Weber BBQ tool that is the epitome of versatility, then the BBQ scraper will be right up your street. It is not your average BBQ scraper though, but a 5-in-1 cleaning tool and bottle opener too! What’s more, the Weber BBQ scrapers are designed to fit the Weber BBQs perfectly, so you can be sure to reach all those challenging tight spots too for a perfect clean every time.

 Stainless Steel Convection Trays

Another great accessory for your Weber BBQ is the stainless-steel convection trays. These enhance your Weber’s capacity and allow it to work as an oven. The stainless-steel convection trays designed by Weber are far superior to the disposable ones as they save you money, are easy to clean and great for the environment!

 Concluding Thoughts

In short, there are loads of advantages to getting a portable Weber camping BBQ to take your outdoor experiences to the next level. They not only ensure your meals will be delicious, but they are easy to transport, cost-effective and energy efficient. To make the most of your Weber camping BBQ, it is smart to invest in BBQ accessories specially designed with your Weber camping BBQ device in mind. Whether you are looking for a versatile Weber BBQ scraper, stainless steel side trays to expand your workspace or stainless-steel convection trays that will transform your Weber into an oven. So, that for which are you waiting? Get the best Weber camping BBQ accessories and much more when you visit online shop today!


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