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A regular work out is helpful for weight loss, but may not be feasible for some people due to time restraints, health condition and lack of interest. Research says that, diet plays a vital role in weight loss compared to exercise. Modification in your diet can help you lose weight safely and effectively without regular exercise.

  1. Count your Calories

It is required to monitor your daily calorie intake. Cut about 500-600 calories on a daily basis to reduce one or two pounds weekly. Do not lessen your daily intake to 1200 calories, or else it will put you on a nutrition deficiency risk.

  1. Your weight is a balancing act

Calorie intake is a part of the equation. It is always calories that counts! You can balance your diet and burn more calories than you take in.

  1. Make an effective meal plan

If you cannot exercise to burn the calories, then you must trim them from the daily diet intake. Spend some time to set up a meal plan like how many calories you will have from snack, lunch and dinner. That will help you choose foods you need to take to stick to that calorie limit.

  1. Eat a balanced diet

A calorie-controlled diet which involves different variety kind of foods is a good foundation for an effective weight loss. You need to include Fruits and Vegetables, Lean proteins, Whole grains, etc.

  1. Have a healthy snake

Many times snack supports a lot to lose weight. Snacking is appropriate when there is 5 to 6 hours interval between your meals. Healthy snacks include nuts, yogurt, boiled egg or celery and peanut butter.

  1. Choose healthy cooking techniques

Don’t compromise cooking techniques when you are trying too much to alter your diet and stick to it. Try cooking techniques that require little or no added fat. Always prefer boiling, roasting, steaming and grilling. Switch to extra virgin olive oil and canola oil as it helps to improve blood cholesterol levels and lessen the risk of heart diseases. Avoid cooking methods that use more amount of butter, oil or margarine.

  1. Drink adequate amount of fluids

Staying well-hydrated is very common and easy way to weight loss. Many times, thirst can also trigger you to eat and it makes you feel hungry. Drinking proper amount of fluids can avoid this false hunger sensation and helps in weight loss. Set your aim to have eight glassful of water a day. Make sure your fluid should be devoid of sugar and artificial essence. You can take plain tea or coffee without cream or sugar.

In essence, weight loss generally happens when the body expends more calories than it takes in. That means, you need to modify your diet that can even satisfy your hunger and imparts less calorie with a view to lose weight.