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Though losing weight is easy as it can be done by exercise or controlling diet, but to monitor the weight loss and maintain it is little tricky and difficult. There are many ways to lose weight but very several ways to monitor it. People are often less aware about maintaining weight loss. It is very serious thing to monitor weight loss because if person loses weight up to certain Kgs, he/she may undergo underweight and develop a risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Here, we are sharing certain ways to monitor and maintain weight loss:

  1. Weigh yourself regularly

When you are in a process to lose weight, it is important to monitor your weight on a regular basis. Seeing the regular scenario of your weight can give you the idea how effective your diet plan or work out is. You will have a clue whether you need to modify your diet or work out plan which you are currently following.

  • Losing one or two pounds a day is safe for you. You need to have patient while losing weight. You are more likely to sustain steady and slow weight loss.
  • For the most accurate results, weight yourself at the same time of the day in same clothes.
  • There may chances that your weight loss graph will achieve plateau, it is required to modify or recheck your diet plans and work out hours. You can take help of food journals and advice from dietician if you can cut some more calories from your diet with a view to lose weight after it has showed plateau.
  1. Surround yourself with supportive people

It is the cherry on the cake if you have some people who can support and motivate you to lose weight. You need to build a support group who can keep you on a track of weight loss.

  • You can make a group of people who are willing to lose weight. It will be easier for you to tackle weight loss together in a group.
  • You should arrange meetings on a regular basis where people can discuss about their diet plans and inspire each other with their success stories of weight loss. You can develop an online group, too.
  • Invite a register dietician or speaker to your meeting who can talk about customization of your diet plans and can provide an ongoing support to solve your queries.
  1. Pat your own back

Giving yourself an appreciation or an enticing reward after you lose certain amount of weight can boost yourself to achieve your weight loss goal.

  • You can buy yourself a new pair of shoes or clothes.
  • Treating yourself to a round of golf or your other favorite sports.
  • Make sure you are not rewarding yourself with a food as it can trigger your old food habits which you have left.